Work From Home Survival Kit: Courtesy of the Team at Premise Data

Work From Home Survival Kit: Courtesy of the Team at Premise Data

By Samantha Hubner | Senior Operations Specialist - Governance & Security

Looking for some work-from-home wisdom and inspiration? With offices coast to coast across the U.S. and numerous remote workers around the world, the Premise team is here to help! 

We know that adjusting to working from home can take time, and while communication and accountability are ultimately key, setting up a designated office space is a terrific first step for anyone new to working from home. 

Mental health is a critical aspect to any work from home environment. Surround yourself with what inspires you, like space enthusiast Ryan Muldoon.

If you are someone who is really missing the outdoors, try and find a nearby window to set up shop! While Yves’s view is certainly second to none, regardless of what’s in your immediate proximity, natural light is always a great mood boost! It’s especially helpful when it comes to timing breaks in your day.

Speaking of breaks, as our SVP David Bischof says, it’s important to be aware of how natural breaks in your work day are affected when you transition to working from home. Your commute, lunch hour, and exercise routine are all affected. But that does not mean they should be compromised. Check out Lotus Tan’s stunning setup, with her guzheng nearby for musical practice between writing code!

If lack of gym access is really throwing you off, consider Chris Disdero’s impressive desk-treadmill setup! A word of advice from Chris… make sure you’re comfortable working and walking at the same time before you make the commitment to the treadmill desk!

Speaking of the great outdoors, you may have seen our teaser of Premise’s Pacific-most outpost, courtesy of Customer Success Manager Mike Strauss. We think Christiana Nguyen’s Hawaii office may just give him a run for his money!

As companies across the world pivot to strictly working from home, the Premise HR team introduced an awesome competition to help keep us all engaged. The #WorkFromHome competition encouraged all employees to share their workspace for a variety of prizes, but also to share ideas and encourage each other during this transition. 

Curious to see who the winners were? Check it out! 

Coziest WFH Space… Candace Silva-Martin

Most Practical WFH space… Christopher Disdero (as seen above)

Most Original WFH space… Tim Ludolph

Most Fun WFH space… Mike Strauss

Lastly, here are some additional resources shared by our HR team to further help you amidst this transition.

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Having spent the majority of her professional career abroad, Samantha is passionate about mobilizing technology to better connect and provide for the broader global community. At Premise, Samantha leverages her knowledge of foreign relations to develop, curate and tailor data collection tasks that meet the unique project needs of clients in Governance and Security.