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Premise is a data and analytics platform that empowers decision makers with real-time, actionable information. By combining the power of a global network of on-the-ground contributors with industry leading data science and machine learning Premise is ‘The Source of Ground Truth.’

How It Works

Get reliable answers to drive your success

Premise’s Ground Truth Platform™ is a complete end-to-end data collection, quality assurance, and analysis platform. Ask us anything, about anywhere and we’ll deliver actionable insights that help organizations develop winning strategies and adapt them in an ever-changing world.

  • Taskable, global network delivering real-time intelligence
  • Industry-leading quality assurance and fraud detection
  • Actionable insights curated with the latest data science and machine learning

Through a grant from USAID, Premise is working with local health departments in Colombia to mitigate viruses spread by mosquitoes. Using our Inspections solution, local citizens are able to help collect vital data about mosquito breeding sites.




Premise’s Global On-Demand Data Services are used for both broad, regional data collection as well as in highly specialized industry-specific applications. We’ve acquired data for a diverse group of customers spanning many industries, with deep understanding of our customers’ data needs in the areas of International Development, Government and Business (market research and consumer products).

International Development

International Development

Performing humanitarian aid, public health, or disaster relief in developing countries poses logistical and technical challenges—Premise can help close the information gap in parts of the world that were once considered “data dark”.



Engage your residents by crowdsourcing data in their own community, and rely on Premise’s data science models to provide you with the insights you need to plan and prioritize maintenance of key assets, and to gauge public sentiment.



How and where your products are displayed at brick-and-mortar stores is critically important for maintaining your brand image. Premise provides a real-time understanding of shopping experiences from your customers’ points of views.


Add Ground Truth data into your decision-making process.