Task of the Week: Mask Mandate Lifted

Task of the Week: Mask Mandate Lifted

By Matt Lindner and Lily Chaw |

Premise tasks provide Contributors the opportunity to earn money for taking part in simple activities or surveys. The data that we collect is then used by businesses and organizations across all industries to inform strategy and identify areas of both opportunity and improvement around the world.

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Each week, we will be spotlighting a specific task as our Task of the Week, highlighting what it is, how Contributors can complete it, and why they should complete it. Tasks can generally be found in the Locate section of our app.

This week’s task is about mask wearing now that many mask mandates are being lifted. 

What is this task about? 

The CDC recently lifted its mask mandate for people in the United States who are fully vaccinated. Premise is seeking to understand how the easing of the mask mandate is affecting shopper and staff behavior in grocery stores.

How can Contributors complete this task? 

Contributors can find this task in the Locate section of the Premise App. Contributors will be asked to share their thoughts on the new CDC guidance and their observations of mask-wearing behaviors in grocery stores by answering questions and taking a few photos.

Why should Contributors complete this task? 

Contributors can help us better understand the general public’s reaction to the CDC’s latest guidance and reveal the immediate impacts that the updated guidance has had on mask-wearing behaviors in public settings. Contributors’ observations enable us to highlight trends and help businesses become more efficient in real-time.

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