Seven Trends in Customer Experience You Need to Know About

Seven Trends in Customer Experience You Need to Know About

It’s no secret that measuring customer experience is hard. Nonetheless, it has a strong impact in determining customer loyalty. That is why you need to be mindful of current trends in the market to find out industry insights and enhance the customer experience as a result.

Knowing current trends can present your brand with plenty of timely opportunities to capitalize on customer needs. No matter the size of your business, your efforts to improve customer experience can help you stand out and make an impression. It is also important to acknowledge the lasting impression that interactions between customers and brands can have on loyalty and trust especially in a time of crisis like this pandemic.

Take a look at the latest customer trends to include into your business marketing strategy to remain competitive in your niche.

Latest Trends in Customer Experience

1. Premium Apps for Enthusiasts

Successful brands always try to increase customer lifetime value. However, achieving this with your loyal customers can be difficult. These customers, without a doubt, are valuable to the brand. However, they have already tried your products/services, and know your level of customer service fully well. Satisfying these customers is not an easy task.

Some of the biggest brands, such as Adidas and Nike, handle this by designing premium apps that are specific to their target audiences. Their apps aim to improve the customer experience of a specific group of customers.

For instance, Adidas, as a sports goods company, primarily make profits on its soccer equipment. The brand has launched the new Tango App is for the soccer community. Brand enthusiasts post soccer challenges on the app for other players.

While this App appeals to a larger audience that is fond of watching or playing soccer, the brand knows that this group of an audience has the likelihood to become the potential customers. That is why it tries to appeal to them to increase repeat purchases and make potential leads more interested in the brand.

2. Digitalizing the Customers Experience

You cannot deny the impact and prominence of the current tech-driven age that requires companies to perfect their customers’ digital experience. There are tons of customer service software solutions available to help brands execute a technology-driven approach. The software provides resources to digitalize customer experience. Many brick and mortar stores and online retailers like Amazon have incorporated this approach to serve their customers.

3. Virtual Assistants or Chatbot to Improve Customer Experience

Handling the increasing number of customer support emails and calls all at once is one of the challenges customer service agents of growing brands often face. It is often difficult for teams to improve their bandwidth without employing additional staff to operate the support channels.

Virtual assistants, in this regard, ease the pressure as they enable your brand to work with an in-app interactive system to guide the struggling customers. The assistants can answer simple questions quickly and save the time of the customers.

4. Loyalty Programs for Better Engagement

A recent survey from Temkin Group found that loyal customers are more likely to buy from the same brand again. Not only this, but these customers also recommend it to others. Since the customers make the best opportunity for lead conversions, brands place a special focus on the segments of these customers to maximize revenues.

Research around COVID-19 has indicated that it has disrupted brand loyalty. Brands need to take this into consideration when they think about brand loyalty. It is a great idea to enroll customers in various loyalty programs, which offer them rewards for their efforts. The rewards can be discount deals, better packages, membership offers, surprise points and giveaways to make customers feel valued. Moreover, a personalized and comprehensive loyalty program establishes an emotional connection between the brand and the customers.

Not only does it improve the experience of your loyal customers, but it also helps brands increase customer retention. 

5. Anticipating Customer Needs

You must know your customers enough to predict their future needs. That means to enhance the experience of your customers, you need to do predictive analysis. Many brands use machine data in their equipment and tools to help them schedule service visits and maintenance.

For example, if you make elevators, identifying when elevators need intervention before any technical fault or breakdown occurs will definitely improve the customer experience. By exploring this, you will be able to find out how many times your company’s elevators stop working. The information will ultimately help you reduce the number of incidences of people trapped inside the elevators.

Royal Caribbean is a famous cruise line that incorporated this technology to enhance the customer experience.

6. Data-Driven Decision Making

Data is changing the way many businesses approach customer experience. It gives them the ability to create experiences that are dynamic, responsive and personalized. Now more than ever it is important for brands to have real-time and real-world data customer needs and pain points. Learning more about your customers will give you the data you need to ensure more frictionless experiences for them. 

Learn more about Premise can help you collect the data you need to improve your customer experience. 

7. Adding Value to Customer Relationships

Gone are the days when offering product services to the customer used to be enough for brands. Today, valuable customer experience has become an integral part of the overall services. It is because customers expect and want more value-added relationships from the brands they are buying from. With COVID-19 now is the time to make sure you are supporting the emotional needs of your customers. 

Consider the example of Vitality Health–an insurance company that not only offers health insurance to the customers but also provides resources to promote health. In addition to that, the company supports its customers on their journey towards improved health and helps them achieve a healthy lifestyle. It provides customers with plenty of value-added amenities and facilities. Those amenities often include an Apple Watch and detailed feedback from the customers to live a healthier life.

Final Verdict

Overall, brands need to include the latest technologies as well as these customer experience trends to dominate in the market. As we begin to consider a post-COVID world everyone needs to have a customer experience mindset. Brands need to continue working to address the needs and problems of their customers while building stronger relationships.