Premise is a two-way global marketplace for high-quality Ground Truth data.

The Premise Ground Truth Platform offers an alternative to traditional data collection methods such as time-intensive polls/surveys, or costly direct observation capture in the field.  Applying proven growth/recruitment strategies, Premise can quickly standup a relevant contributor base, leverage our existing public network of thousands of respondents, or partner with clients to create a private respondent network to collect targeted insights.

The Premise Platform Difference

All contributions, whether designed to capture human sentiment/insight or direct observation, are processed by multiple layers of machine learning to validate results prior to analysis (geo-verification, identity validation, image resolution, image subject, anti-fraud).  Finally, data analysis informs breathtaking visualization tools to yield actionable results and enable clients to allocate resources efficiently. In exchange for information – the Premise Platform marketplace compensates contributors based on a dynamic incentive model.

The Ground Truth Platform

  • 1. Inquiry

    Premise uses proprietary recruiting techniques to grow and sustain a network of local residents. If a network is already in place where your study is situated, your data acquisition campaign will commence in as little as 24-48 hours.  For regions where a pre-existing network is not available, recruitment and training of a new network is achieved in 2 -6 weeks almost anywhere in the world.

  • 2. Task Design

    Premise’s data scientists build campaigns, surveys and tasks and provide language translation and localization where required. Our data science team is experienced in task wording and sequencing and designing Contributor instructions to minimize bias and error.

  • 3. Task Allocation

    Premise works with customers to launch tasks into the marketplace based on desired campaign objectives using demographic and geographic targeting techniques.

  • 4. Quality Control

    Contributor findings are processed with a combination of manual and automatic quality control and fraud detection processes to verify that findings meet specified requirements and mitigate attempts to ‘game the system’. Contributors are paid for their findings based on task complexity, degree of difficulty, duration or other valuation.

  • 5. Analytics

    Data is presented in charts, graphs, and maps for clear, rapid presentation available for immediate sharing.  Data sets are also available for download or may be accessed through an API. Premise Signals subscribers will have data automatically refreshed on dashboards.

  • 6. Task Refinement

    We’re constantly learning from the campaigns we’ve run and use the knowledge gained in each unique collection task to continuously improve our data collection and quality control processes and to introduce new features into the Portal and Contributor App.

The platform consists of three components designed and optimized for three different roles in the data capture and analysis life-cycle:

Premise Portal allows Campaign and Network Managers to efficiently:

  • Setup Tasks and Design Surveys
  • Target Network Contributors to Conduct Data Collection
  • Schedule and Monitor Campaigns and Contributor Payments
  • Conduct Quality Control Checks and Mitigate Fraud

Premise Contributor App is designed for Network Contributors throughout the world to easily:

  • Complete their Contributor Profile
  • Browse and Reserve Tasks
  • Review Instructions, Perform Tasks and Submit Observational Tasks
  • Submit Photos and Surveys
  • Receive Payment

Premise Analyticsand Premise Signals are built for Analysts and Decision Makers to quickly identify trends and gain knowledge for critical business decisions including:

  • Data Visualizations as Charts, Graphs, and Maps
  • Customizable Dashboards Tailored to Your KPIs
  • Notifications and Alerts Delivered Via Email or Pushed to Your Mobile Device
  • Data API for Real-Time Integration to Your Central Data Warehouse

Add Ground Truth data into your decision-making process.