Meet Some of Our Contributors in Zambia and Nigeria

Meet Some of Our Contributors in Zambia and Nigeria

In this week’s installment we hear about two contributors based in Zambia and Nigeria.

Mwila Bwembya Joseph
Kasama, Zambia

Mwila has recruited over 100 contributors across 15 markets in Zambia. He’s also submitted over 2,500 observations, more than double the next most prolific contributor in Zambia.

Premise tenure: 9 months
Education: Completed several online courses in translation and journalism
Occupation: Translator and interpreter. He translates from English to Bemba Nyanja, Tonga, and Kaonde as well Mambwe to English.

Interesting Facts:

Published three translation-related books
Lived and traveled in Zambia extensively for professional activities

Why Premise?
Loves the flexible schedule and the easy payments via MTN Mobile Money. Also, his work has taken him across Zambia, enabling him to meet tons of new people, develop his language skills, and improve his translation career.

— by Ankit Mishra, Growth Analyst

Idris Ibrahim Namata
Kano, Nigeria

Idris is one of our most active researchers in Nigeria. He started working with Premise in March 2016, initially submitting 100 observations per week and steadily increasing to almost 800 observations per week over the course of several months.

Premise tenure: 6 months

Occupation: Agriculture and Bio Environmental Engineering Technology student

Why Premise? His earnings enable him to pay for school and clothes, and he now even has additional funds to help out his younger brothers.

Unexpected learnings? People skills! Idris managed to opened a side business selling top-up cards and inexpensive smartphones using some of the skills he learned from observing how marketers sell their products.

— by Nadia Anggraini, Growth Analyst