Are You Overwhelmed by Information Needs?

Monitor Public and Private Assets with Ease

There is never enough time in the day to get everything done. Almost every organization, public or private, seems to be overwhelmed by the need for more information but is often lacking resources. Numerous organizations are manually monitoring and inspecting public and private assets, which is a time-consuming process that often gets deferred for more time-sensitize needs. But using technology to collect data on the condition of assets can greatly reduce the load on overburdened organizations.

Premise helps you get the information you need through its innovative data collection methodology. We deliver real-time, accurate and actionable data using a global network of on-the-ground Contributors, combined with data science and machine learning techniques.

Don’t rely on slow or inaccurate sources of trickle-down information. Our unique solution allows you to collect ground-level data, ensuring that you can make decisions and create strategies based on verified information.

Key Benefits

Premise’s unique data acquisition model has a number of benefits for your organization. With Premise, help your organization:

  • Increase Efficiency: Gather a high volume of granular data from any location easily and quickly without having to leave your office.
  • Save Time and Money: By relying on a distributed network crowdsourcing your data needs, you can decrease the amount of time and money needed to get data traditionally.
  • Close Information Gaps: Collect highly-targeted global data to fill any gaps in your organization’s information so you can make more informed decisions.
  • Develop Targeted Campaigns: With on-the-ground insight, reach your customers where they actually are.
  • Community Empowerment: By engaging the community to participate in activities to aid the local government, you augment resources while increasing representation and communication.

Use Cases

Inspections can be used to collect a variety of different datasets. Some of the possible use cases include:

  • Facility Condition Assessment: Crowdsource the assessment of facilities in terms of age, design, construction methods or materials.
  • Asset Condition Assessment: Task Contributors to report on the condition of different assets such as bridges, roads or equipment for preventive maintenance or remedial work.
  • Condition Monitoring: Monitor the condition of facilities or assets over an extended period of time, to track services or maintenance.
  • Vandalism: Track acts of vandalism, including graffiti or damage, across a selected area so you can better deploy resources and monitor patterns.
  • Trash Collection: Use local citizens to understand if trash is being collected, or what locations need to be collected.
  • Vector Control: Digitize your vector control needs and rely on a network of Contributors to help fill gaps in your data collection to help mitigate the spread of illness.

Through a grant from USAID, Premise is working with local health departments in Colombia to mitigate viruses spread by mosquitoes. Using our Inspections solution, local citizens are able to help collect vital data about mosquito breeding sites.