How We’d Solve It: Measuring the Success of Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertisements

How We’d Solve It: Measuring the Success of Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertisements

Premise Contributors can give you insights into how effective your billboards and other offline advertising efforts are performing.

By Becca Abu Sharkh | Solutions Consultant

People are starting to travel again and as they do, that means Out-of-Home (OOH) advertisements are going to be driving more brand awareness and sales.

Out-of-Home advertisements encompass any advertisement conducted offline and out of the home, such as billboards and transit advertisements. In today’s installment of our ongoing How We’d Solve It series, we show you how our Contributor network can help you better measure the success of your OOH campaigns.

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The Situation

Measuring how well an OOH advertising campaign is performing can be difficult. 

Unlike with television commercials, email marketing or online advertisements, getting quantifiable measures such as number of ratings, views or clicks is not possible. Traditional means of measuring the efficacy of OOH advertisements rely on modeled consumer trip paths or visibility research using traffic and census data. 

Such modeling doesn’t allow a brand to measure the actual effect of an, merely the number of people who might (not even will) see the ad. These calculations also don’t provide for control groups, which give brands a better understanding of the causal relationship between advertising and its desired outputs, whether that be brand knowledge or generating brand awareness among a new demographic.

Instead, marketers often need to rely on highly aggregated indicators, such as a change in sales revenue, to see if an OOH advertisement has been effective – all while keeping other marketing and advertising the same to mitigate uncontrolled variables and confounding factors.

How We Would Solve It

Premise can task its worldwide Contributor network with both sentiment surveys and geographically specific out-of-home data collection tasks. This allows brands to get a healthy mix of quantitative and qualitative data that generates a complete picture of how their brand is performing.

With that in mind, here are the steps we would take to help a brand measure the efficacy of its OOH advertising campaigns:

  • We would create a task where Contributors would check in at a location within viewing distance of the advertisement without explicitly drawing attention to the ad. The overall goal here is to see whether or not the Contributor is aware of the advertisement naturally. The only location data Premise would be tracking in this case is where the Contributor checked in to ensure they completed the task successfully.
  • This type of methodology is very similar to a blind experiment, in which information on the experiment is withheld to participants until its end. 
  • After asking a Contributor to check in at the location of interest through the Premise app, Premise would task this same contributor with a brand awareness survey a few hours later.
  • Premise would then be able to institute randomized control by grouping users into those who have checked in at the location of the ad and users who have not.
  • By comparing brand awareness responses between the two groups, we could measure the direct effectiveness of the advertisement.

Potential Outcomes

With insights from the Premise Contributor network, brands would be able to quantify the causal relationship between OOH ads and brand awareness in a hyper localized way.

Unlike traffic counts and daily effective circulation, which only tell brands how many people could see the advertisement, Premise can uncover an ad’s direct impact in an area through its exposure and control groups. Moreover, Premise can reveal insights into how different OOH ads affect brand awareness in the same geographic area

Going beyond audience location measurements and towards actual advertising effectiveness and insights requires powerful new data collection methodologies. That is the advantage we provide to all our customers.
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