How Primary Research Can Prepare Your Businesses “Reopening” Strategy

How Primary Research Can Prepare Your Businesses “Reopening” Strategy

It is no secret that primary research is a crucial part of an effective marketing plan. It not only helps businesses identify their competitors, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, but it also assists in devising strategies to enhance business functions. Primary research has become even more crucial, as executives and companies experience enormous challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses are facing a deluge of customers’ demands, unemployment, increased uncertainty, interruption in the supply chain and economic recession. There is no denying that companies, whether big or small, need a “reopening strategy” to survive. Primary research, in this regard, serves as a critical tool to help businesses prepare their strategy.

Take a look at the following reasons to understand how primary research can help prepare your business for the peri- and post-pandemic world.

Determine Business Position in the Market

Businesses need to understand where they stand in their respective markets to make strategic decisions. Unless they have an idea of who their target market and competitors are, and how their services benefit their customers in any condition, they cannot improve their functions.

Put simply, if your business is shut down for a long time and you reopen it unchanged after this pandemic, will you regain your lost ground? Primary research is the first step you need to take to find the answer to your business’ post-pandemic viability.

Whether you run a hospitality business or own a travel company, through test marketing or surveys, you can determine the position of your business. Once selected, the data can help you prepare a reopening strategy for your business.

Identify Market Gaps

When you opt for primary research, you analyze not only the strengths and weaknesses of your business but also your competitors. By looking at the research data, you can find an underserved segment of people. Your business can attain a unique position by reaching those customers and making them a part of your reopening strategy. It also allows you the opportunity to find ways to be unique and differentiate your business. 

Amend a Bounce Back Plan

A plan is a set of steps or a course of action a business needs to attain and maintain a position in the market. A perfect business plan explains what entrepreneurs need to do to achieve their objectives. However, the current scenario raises the question, “What do businesses have to do in order to get through this crisis and retain their functions and customers?”

With relevant data that is based on customer needs, demands and buying patterns, primary research enables businesses to make a plan to adapt to the new business environment. It helps firms establish steps to think broadly and critically about the future.


In a nutshell, primary research plays a critical role for businesses looking to create a “reopening” strategy in these challenging economic situations or even just make adjustments to their current strategies to better fit the current environment. By using primary research, you can understand the market and its changing trends during the pandemic, or any crisis for that matter.