Data Driven Organizations Demand The Ground Truth

Data Driven Organizations Demand The Ground Truth

Modern technology continues to reshape the world — from commerce and geopolitics to our daily mundane details. To thrive in this new paradigm every organization, every decision maker, must understand how to become data driven.

Some have called data “the new oil, the new gold.” However, unlike oil and gold, information isn’t finite — its only constraint is our ability to observe, collect, verify, and understand it. Existing data sources represent a mere sliver of reality. We must be willing to go on the offense and not be afraid to ask the important questions. We must go beyond known data pools and proactively go get the ‘Ground Truth.’

Premise delivers that ground truth. Our data and analytics solutions are fueled by a global marketplace of on-the-ground contributors using smart-phones to capture first person observations including photos, videos, geolocation, and much more. This data is enriched and verified by industry leading data science and machine learning to produce actionable insights and visualizations. We are working to become the ultimate information asset for forward-thinking organizations, governments, and corporations that seek to harness data in service of their missions, citizens, and customers.

Premise is taking on the biggest issues and winning. For example, in Colombia, we are providing crucial data in the fight against Zika virus and other vector-borne diseases, and in Kenya, our technology is enlisted in the global fight to eradicate HIV/AIDs. In Southeast Asia, we are engaged in public sentiment studies that will guide decisions for both corporations and government agencies. To date, we’ve collected more than 1 billion ground truth data points that have informed leading corporations, governments, and NGOs. And these are only the early innings of what will be a long game.

Imagine government enlisting citizens to actively monitor their community’s assets, and guide limited tax dollars to the work that matters most to their daily lives. Imagine coordinating our most important global development efforts around the same real-time ground truth metrics. Imagine knowing exactly what your customers want six months before any of your competitors.

Data is no doubt valuable, but to truly harness it in service of our organization’s missions, we must be smarter. We can’t blindly look for the answers to our toughest questions in existing data sets — we must go beyond. And that very capability, to ask a question and get a real-time, real-world data set from trusted observers around the globe is what makes Premise truly unique.

I feel incredibly energized to be joining Premise at a time when there is so much opportunity to harness technology to do good for the world. My passion for technology was stimulated by a keen interest in the Space Race. With my dad working as an engineer on the Apollo missions, dinner table conversations related to leveraging technology to achieve ambitious goals were frequent. Those conversations planted the seeds of a lifelong passion for leveraging technology to achieve missions that seem impossible.

I am honored to be joining an all-star team of technologists, network operators, data scientists, and subject matter experts that choose to be part of Premise because they share my passion for harnessing technology for the common good. Thank you to the Premise Chairman and founder, David Soloff, for entrusting me with this important company that you have built — I look forward to working with you to scale Premise to meet your vision.

To our growing network of loyal contributors around the world — you are the lifeblood of Premise and I look forward to meeting many of you personally in the years to come.

And finally to our customers — we are honored to work with the leading global organizations, governments, and private sector companies — thank you for your partnership and commitment to innovation. Together we will uncover the ground truth you need to better serve the world.