Data for Every Decision™

Next Generation of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is one of the most powerful tools for identifying business opportunities and challenges.

The Top Advantages of Crowdsourcing with Premise:

From asking customers for their opinions to sending them to specific locations to share their experiences, crowdsourcing has given many businesses detailed insights into what’s happening and what needs to change in order to grow.


Real Time Information


Make Adjustments Faster


Lower Financial Risk


Reduce Overhead


Simple and Easy Analysis

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Increased Sales

Why Premise?


• Scalable: 3 million Contributors

• Global: 120+ countries

• Quality: Proprietary AI based QA algorithms

• Local: 37 languages

• Cost Efficient: Data is collected by nearby app users

• Innovative: Pioneer in crowdsourced data collection

• Objective: Premise Contributors have no stake in the outcome

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