Promotional Monitor Case Study

Product Launch and Retail Execution Monitoring


A leading producer of mattresses and sleep experiences needed cost-effective and continuous monitoring of retail execution and of their customers, no matter where they were in the omnichannel path to purchase.

Solution & Impact

Premise gave the brand a fast, flexible source of in-store visibility. Results would come in starting the day after a product launch, revealing out-of-stocks and allowing regional sales teams to focus their efforts with retail partners.

Product Launch and Retail Execution Monitoring

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Highlighted In-Store Solution

Promotional Monitor

Understand how your promotions are performing while they’re still active, in near real-time.

Point of Sale Material

Confirm the presence, placement and visibility as well as execution of Point of Sale Materials.

Product Pricing

Understand the exact selling price and any available price promotions and types for a product.

Product Detail

Identify products and gain rich attribute and appearance data about them.

Display Presence & Assessment

Establish the presence, execution and compliance of different display types by brand.

Shopper Sentiment

Gain in-the-moment customer experience feedback on brands and product based on your target shopper demographic.

Storekeeper Interview

Conduct interviews with staff on a range of topics.