Country Support Specialist Spotlight: Pewang Peters

Country Support Specialist Spotlight: Pewang Peters

Our global workforce plays a huge role in our ability to manage hundreds of networks and thousands of Contributors across the globe. In an effort to share more about what our global workforce (which includes our country support specialists (CSS’s) and country managers) does for Premise.

This month in our spotlight series we are happy to introduce you to Pewang Peters. Read our interview to learn more about Pewang and his experience with Premise.


Where do you live?
Currently, I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I was born and raised in Nyandarua County.


What is your background?
I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Science from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.


How did you find Premise?
I was looking for an online job and I found Premise ad on Facebook back in November 2015. The ad was looking for an individual who could do research on food prices in supermarkets, open-air markets and stores in Kenya using their phone.


What do you do for Premise?
With my newly received post, as Africa’s Regional Manager, I act as a team captain for all of Premise’s CSS’s in Africa. As a CSS in Kenya, I recruit new Contributors, manage different social media channels for communication, assist in retaining contributors and general support for the Premise App.


How long have you worked for Premise?
I have worked for Premise for three years and four months.


What did you do before you started working for Premise?
I used to teach at a high school as a biology and chemistry teacher.


What has been your experience with Premise?
The best experience ever! Premise has enabled me to meet tons of new people, develop new ideas and skills, and also improve on my communication and leadership skills, which have greatly perfected my teaching career. And I can’t forget that Premise is a source of income for me!


What do you enjoy most about working for Premise?
Premise gives a broader view of what is happening on the ground by using technology and the local citizens. I feel proud to be part of “The Source of the Ground Truth.” With the Premise app you ‘’smell cash’’ around you, as you travel, do the shopping, walk around the city, you are surrounded by “digital money.”


What is your biggest challenge working as a CSS?
Ensuring that I meet all the project’s set objectives in a perfect manner and on time.


How do you work with team members that are in other countries?
Impromptu calls via Google meet, chatting over Slack and WhatsApp every now and then.


What has been your proudest moment working for Premise?
It was during a past project with the PEPFAR ‘DREAMS Innovation Challenge’ which supported medication adherence monitoring for HIV-positive adolescent girls and young women (15-24 years) in rural Kenya (Homa Bay, Siaya and Kisumu). We put a lot of effort in to ensure everything was right, testing the App, ordering, purchasing and delivering the more than 400 smartphones used. The good part with the project was we achieved positive outcomes that impacted many of the local participants. The daily reminder helped them to take their medication and plan for clinic visits. The supportive friendships and community created through the App helped to improve many participants resilience and sense of self-worth. This was a super project!

What have you learned while working at Premise?
Today’s technology is a booming market full of exciting and innovative products and new learning opportunities. With technology as a major consumer of our time and also an exciting experience in our world today, we can achieve a lot, if the technology is in hands of good people. Premise gives a perfect illustration.


What do you like to do in your free time?
I spend my free time on the internet learning and finding out ways to do everyday things better.


What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself?
I never attended any computer related class for learning. Most people think I pursued computer science courses. No, I am just a biology and chemistry teacher by profession.


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