Country Support Specialist Spotlight: Luís Garcia

Country Support Specialist Spotlight: Luís Garcia

Our global workforce plays a huge role in our ability to manage hundreds of networks and thousands of Contributors across the globe. In an effort to share more about what our global workforce (which includes our country support specialists (CSS’s) and country managers) does for Premise we are starting a spotlight series featuring interviews with them.

It only seemed appropriate to begin the series with our Global Workforce Manager and Country Support Specialist for Brazil, Luís Garcia. We asked Luís a few questions and here is what he had to say:

Where do you live?
Currently, I live in São Paulo, Brazil. Born and raised here!

What is your background?
I graduated in business from Universidade Santo Amaro and now I’m pursuing a second degree in economic science at Universidade Federal do ABC.

How did you find Premise?
I was looking for freelance jobs and found an ad for Premise on Craigslist back in 2013.

What do you do for Premise?
As the Global Workforce Manager, I help recruit, train and evaluate our CSS’s. As a CSS in Brazil, I’m in constant communication with the network of Contributors in our three cities. I believe the feedback loop is very important as we move toward our goals.

How long have you worked for Premise?
For five years and eight months!

What did you do before you started working for Premise?
I used to work as a business account manager in a commercial bank in Brazil.  

What has been your experience with Premise?
It has been an amazing journey, an incredible experience. It’s fantastic to be able to share this dream with a global team of great professionals. I would say Premise transformed my life in ways I could never expect an employer to transform.  

What do you enjoy most about working for Premise?
I love the seeing successful stories from Contributors across the world. Stories from people who were able to achieve or become closer to their personal goals by working with Premise.

What is your biggest challenge working as a CSS?
To make the most out of my interactions with Contributors, whether it’s collecting valuable feedback, or making sure a certain objective is met, it’s an interesting challenge!

How do you work with team members that are in other countries?
We have a monthly one-on-one call but we are always chatting over Slack or starting impromptu calls every now and then.

What has been your proudest moment working for Premise?
It was when we successfully delivered a Zika pilot project in Recife, Brazil. We put a lot of effort to get everything right and it was beautiful to see the final results. Data that can literally change the world.  

What have you learned while working at Premise?
I’ve learned that the cell phone is the great equalizer of our time. Companies like Premise offer opportunities to the public with no regard to gender, race or social class. It’s truly amazing to be part of an initiative like this.

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to read and watch movies. My favorite book is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami.

What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself?
When I was little, my favorite meal was rice and bananas :yum:


Thank you to Luís for all his amazing work over the last five years and eight months, and for sharing about his experience at Premise.

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