Considerations for Primary Research During the Pandemic

Considerations for Primary Research During the Pandemic

As the true scope of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfurl, the questions and concerns on everyone’s mind, including market researchers and business owner’s, continue to increase. This uncertainty that has spread across the globe is largely due to COVID-19’s impact on both consumer behavior and the economy. While the economic effects of this pandemic are still evolving, the changes consumers are taking to prevent the virulent disease have precipitated changes across many industries and may have long-lasting impact.

So, if the pandemic has changed the way marketers previously conducted research, what considerations do marketers need to take into account to survive?

Social distancing guidelines have had a significant impact on how people traditionally collected data, but data collection is still possible (and also necessary). Below, we have rounded up some considerations based on customer behavior and current changing trends that are important to keep in mind when conducting primary research. 

Systematic Issues in Data Collection

Marketers need to anticipate various systematic issues, particularly at the category level. Keep in mind that some categories will likely give you an inaccurate reflection of the consumer behavior and market outside the specified time frame. For instance, you might expect that the chances of people traveling will be suppressed, or the usage of sanitizer will be artificially high. In reality, however, the categories might not reflect what you have anticipated if your data contains errors.

That is why it is essential to evaluate questionnaires for relevance and appropriateness during a crisis. Consider changing screening criteria and make adjustments as needed. 

Longitudinal Data Collection

As mentioned above, many things are changing due to the pandemic. Considering careful monitoring through longitudinal data collection is essential to understand what is changing and what is not overtime. Know that if you are intervening with any segment, there is an opportunity for natural experimentation. It can help you identify casual interference. Plus, you will gain insights about what actions can cause changes in the upcoming trends to prepare for the future.

In-depth Research for Remote Behaviors

There is no denying that the impact of this pandemic on the attitudes and behaviors is going to be long-lasting. It includes everything from customers’ needs to buying patterns that might not revert to the way they were before this outbreak. That is what makes studying the remote behavior (online clothing, grocery delivery) of the consumers vital. 

Consider conducting primary research that can be indicative of people’s behavior during and after the crisis.

Bottom Line

Data collection is instrumental in the time of economic crisis, and primary research plays a big role in it. However, it is crucial to take these unexpected and unprecedented times into consideration.

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