Delivering Data to Fuel the Information Age

Premise is the source for Ground Truth

Our mission is to be the source of ground truth worldwide – and we love what we do.

We’re on a mission to close the information gap in a complex, evolving world.  By empowering a network of thousands of individuals around the globe to collect and share information with decision-makers who will be better informed, we’re doing our part to bring about positive change by the sharing of knowledge.

Our Values

At Premise, we have six guiding principles that permeate our daily work and that act as a framework for the business decisions we make.

  • Drive. We innovate through ceaseless experimentation and effort, iterating through success.
  • Honesty. We are direct with stakeholders and one another.
  • Honor. We honor and protect one another and our contributions, and will always behave in a manner that we’re proud of.
  • Impact. We choose Premise to create outsize impact on big problems to improve billions of people’s lives.
  • Optimism. We are eager to tackle large problems and always believe we can constructively overcome challenges.
  • Ownership. We are more than employees, we are owners and we take responsibility and follow through on our commitments.

Premise gives back.

We’re committed to the people and communities we serve, and we exemplify this commitment through charitable donations of resources and employee time, and by providing a source of income to thousands of Contributors every week.

Premise strives to reflect the diversity of the communities where we work and serve.

Premise strives to reflect the diversity of the communities where we work and serve. We believe every employee should be their authentic self in order to be their best self at work. Diversity empowers us to innovate and have a broader impact on our world. We’re committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all employees that allows them to proudly be the unique individuals they are.

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