Three Emerging Agile In-Store Data Aggregation Methods

Three Emerging Agile In-Store Data Aggregation Methods

Agile data aggregation methods are helping businesses pivot quicker in ways that legacy methods don’t allow for.

By Matt Lindner | Senior Content Marketing Manager

Success in modern retail calls for more agile data aggregation in order to make smarter business decisions.

Customers have more options than ever before when it comes to learning about and buying new products. A bad experience — whether that’s products being out of stock or displays that aren’t in compliance — could have severe consequences.

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Existing retail data aggregation methods aren’t nimble or agile enough to help brands get the real time they need. That’s why Premise identified Three In-Store Data Aggregation Methods to Overcome Outdated Data. 

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  • How businesses have historically collected data
  • Why existing methods aren’t good enough
  • Three emerging data aggregation methods that will help you stay ahead
  • How each works along with pros and cons

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