Will You Accept this Rose?

Will You Accept this Rose?

86.43% of Survey Respondents Plan to Purchase Roses for Valentine’s Day

By Jason Wortham | Sr. Solutions Consultant

Come February 14 people in the United States and around the world are sharing their love with flowers, candy and other products from consumer goods companies. Every Valentine’s Day consumers spend a significant chunk of change in the United States on Valentine’s Day, and this year seems to be no different—the NRF is predicting record spending. 

In 2018, the top 200 advertisers in the United States spent $163 billion on advertising alone. We were interested in seeing how our Contributors in the U.S. compared to other countries that celebrate the holiday. We decided to take a look at Indonesia, Ghana, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Mexico to see how our Contributors Valentine’s Day plans compared to one another. 

The majority of Premise Contributors plan to spend the holiday celebrating over dinner or with a movie. In the United Kingdom, 54.8% of our respondents plan on celebrating the holiday by watching a movie.

Not all countries celebrate Valentine’s Day, but when they do the most common gifts purchased indicated by our survey are chocolates (25.63%) and flowers (21.79%).

Many people will likely be receiving roses this Valentine’s Day—it was the top pick for potential flower purchases among our Contributors (by a whopping 86.43%), but surprisingly a number of people might also be receiving sunflowers this year. In Mexico, Chile and the United Kingdom, sunflowers were the second most likely flower purchase among our Contributors. Surprisingly in Mexico, 26.96% of respondents said that they were planning on purchasing sunflowers. In the United States and Argentina, lilies came in second with 20.29% in Argentina and 19.23% in the U.S. planning to purchase them. Ghana was the outlier with irises (26.25%) being the second most popular flower choice.    

When asked what they planned to gift this Valentine’s Day, UK respondents staggeringly said chocolate (74.63%), whereas in the U.S. only 19.55% responded with chocolate. In Mexico, 16.23% of our respondents had intentions of gifting stuffed animals to celebrate the holiday. Some may think of Valentine’s Day—the holiday of love—and think lingerie, but surprisingly only about 5% of our survey respondents indicated plans for purchasing any. 

For many retail brands, holidays provide an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the competition through unique in-store visual displays or promotions. Valentine’s Day is no different! The holiday provides an opportunity for a brand to win over new consumers, but understanding shopping habits and preferences can help guide that strategy. 

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This is a convenience sample of Premise Contributors (n=3,306) from eight different countries (Mexico n=500; Chile n=499; United Kingdom n=498; United States n=496; Ghana n=495; Argentina n=490; New Zeland n=216; Australia n=112). The data was collected through the Premise app from Feb. 3-7, 2020. 

About Jason Wortham

Jason Wortham is an experienced software solutions specialist having held roles in implementation, training, solutions selling and product management in the technology industry spanning nearly two decades. Mr. Wortham now serves as a strategic resource to Premise Data’s sales, product and growth teams articulating Premise’s technology and product positioning to customers, prospects and partners through targeted full-solution product demonstrations; identifying the specific needs of each prospect and crafting a message that resonates with both the technical and functional audiences.