What is Remote Research and How Can You Use it In 2021?

What is Remote Research and How Can You Use it In 2021?

Will Remote Research Reign in 2021?

Pretty much every aspect of life and business has been impacted to some degree due to the pandemic, including the market research industry. With the huge disruption in the industry came the rapid acceleration of digital transformation.

A lot of companies have been forced to stop research initiatives and many had budgets slashed preventing them from maintaining their normal programs. It is likely that the budget constraints on the industry will continue to occur forcing market researchers to come up with new and creative solutions to get the information they need. This also will force the industry to hone in on insights and collecting information that can bring value to their bottom line. 

Market research is more important than ever during these volatile times. This is where remote research comes in to play. This post will dive deeper into what remote research is and its value for your organization. 

What is Remote Research?

The pandemic has shown us that many work operations are possible in a remote environment, one of which is research. Since the onslaught of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, it is likely you have heard mention of remote or virtual research, digital fieldwork or online data collection. Maybe you have even switched to digital methods of collecting data. 

At its core, remote research is any study conducted where there is no face-to-face, in-person engagement with respondents. Generally, this means conducting research via a computer or a phone. 

Over the years, technological advancements have helped increase the quality of remote data collection. One central advancement is the global ubiquity of smartphones, allowing researchers to collect photos, videos, audio and more from the real world. 

While many might naturally think of online surveys when they think of digital data collection it can be both quantitative and qualitative in nature. 

Benefits of Remote Research 

During the height of the pandemic, many researchers needed a way to continue collecting data and many have found great success in digital or virtual methods. The pandemic has illustrated the value remote research can provide, even when in-person restrictions have been lifted. 

Below are some of the many benefits that come from conducting remote research. 

Quick and Convenient 

One of the most alluring aspects of remote research is the speed and ease at which data can be collected. Remote research allows for a shorter turnaround time for collecting data. Data collection campaigns can be configured quickly, ensuring timelines remain on track and often accelerating the process. 

Technology companies, like Premise, can handle the recruiting and management of participants, making the burden of research much less.  

Unconstrained By Geography 

Using digital tools to collect data helps dissolve physical borders. Without needing to be in physical proximity to a study participant researchers are able to easily collect data around the globe. 

Without the constraints of location, researchers can widen the geographic diversity of their research participants, as well as reaching participants that might not traditionally have been included due to access limitations. Taking into account a diverse range of perspectives can provide important insights needed to make critical decisions. 

Agile Approach to Data Collection

A unique feature of digital data collection is the ability to make changes, adapt the size of a study, locations and more. 

With digital data collection, data can be easily so that researchers can view the information in a  digestible format as it is being collected. Ability to see data as it comes in, allowing researchers to ask new questions as they arise 

Cost Savings

In normal times, conducting field research around the globe can quickly add up in costs. There are costs of paying for researchers to travel or hiring third-parties to conduct research in other countries. This means you have to pay to train and maintain that staff as well as the cost of travel. 

Executing Remote Research Campaigns in 2021 

While your market research/data collection needs may have changed due to the pandemic, you still should be making decisions based on evidence. It is important that you Identify how you can help your customers and other consumers.  

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