Visual Merchandising: The Marketing Power that Resides Everywhere

Visual Merchandising: The Marketing Power that Resides Everywhere

What exactly is visual merchandising?

Eye-catching doesn’t even begin to describe the ability behind visual merchandising to adequately promote and market products that are all around us in the public realm. Colorful displays, clever verbiage and noticeable product placement are only a few of the ways visual merchandising can be utilized to sell a company’s products in a way that is attractive for the consumer.

As one may walk through the multitude of storefronts (some more tantalizing than others) certain aspects of each company’s aesthetic and even auditory characteristics may jump out at passersby. This, at its core, is visual merchandising. So many different brands, products and choices to make are present in the marketplace and each company wants to get the attention of the buyer however possible.

Every brand and business is using every trick they can to fight for your attention. They want you to notice their compiled characteristics, so you not only purchase their products but come back in the future and hopefully bring friends because of the great experience.

Graphics, mannequins, displays, lighting, music, even scent are all marketing angles used in the battle to win you over as a customer. Although devices like songs and smells are not technically visual, they do fall within the realm that defines “visual merchandising” as they can be utilized as a part of the marketing scheme that attracts buyers to one’s establishment.

Who can use visual merchandising?

Anyone who has products to sell, a space to utilize, and a desire to get creative with clever marketing can use visual merchandising. Any time a person walks into a store they will be met with this form of advertising and can see all the different, unique ways certain establishments attract their clientele.

Many business owners love to set a certain mood that they feel is applicable to the products they sell, so they carefully pick things like the music played throughout their space to set the tone or special scents that help the consumer feel at home while inside the store or at the marketplace. Or how about clothing and fashion? Mannequins are constantly utilized in apparel merchandising so potential buyers get a firsthand look at how certain pieces of clothing will adorn the human body once worn.

Lighting is also an important factor when setting up the visual aspects, as a warm, calming light will have a much different effect than bright, fluorescent lighting. Most businesses will also utilize the “impulse buyer” target by stocking specific items at the register so additional products will have an opportunity to be purchased upon checking out.

The long and short is that anyone with a desire to market their goods in an attractive way can utilize visual merchandising in their favor. Buyers also reap these benefits in the sense that the theme of a business or brand is what connects with them right from the moment they lay eyes on the store. The name of the game is to create a certain inclination within potential customers to first walk through that door, and then take it even further by creating a new desire to purchase the products within the establishment with eye, ear and even nose-catching attributes that leave a comfortable, warm, welcoming feeling within the consumer.

What are some of the most common forms of visual merchandising?

There are a multitude of ways proprietors and brands alike have established the skillset that comes along with the world of visual merchandising. A few have been mentioned throughout the article, but a list to cover many of the important forms that it takes can be helpful in understanding all the many ways this form of marketing products is utilized.

  •       Store Layout
  •       Interior Displays
  •       Music
  •       Scents
  •       Mannequins
  •       Point of Purchase Displays
  •       Lighting
  •       Interior & Exterior Graphics
  •       Product Displays
  •       Interior & Exterior Designs
  •       Display Windows
  •       Seasonal Displays… to name a few.

All have important characteristics, and when properly utilized create an atmosphere that is pleasing for shoppers. It helps to create a feeling of wanting to purchase the business’s products, first and foremost. But also, a desire to return in the future, as well as recommend the business to friends and family leading to more sales for the store. It is a winning situation when formulated properly, in an attractive and unique way that differentiates one’s business from the rest and attracts well-deserved clientele. Business longevity can certainly be enhanced through the use of unique visual merchandising that always keeps the wheels turning for the customer by consistently piquing their interest.

To Conclude…

We live in a very aesthetically driven marketplace, one that has a large number of businesses vying for the attention of the consumer. And for good reason! Without the utilization of visual merchandising, a business may seem lackluster or can be missing a key element in effectively marketing their products. Consumers want to feel like they have a great reason to purchase products from any business and giving that reason in a way that can be seen, heard and even smelled is one of the best ways to accomplish just that.

The many different characteristics surrounding this important tool give businesses the edge to draw in their most precious resource, their clientele. Without them, their establishment cannot thrive. So, they want to create their absolute best chance at success through an important marketing form that has lasted for many years and will continue to do so into the future.

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