Misinformation Surfacing Ahead of Tunisian Elections


Tracking Global Events | 18 October 2022

In the months leading up to Parliamentary elections in Tunisia, misinformation and disinformation are spreading widely across social media platforms, as well as broader political campaigning against President Kais Saied. While some Facebook pages categorize themselves as entertainment or satirical, they have become a source of political news and are growing more active as the elections approach. In an effort to better understand emerging misinformation trends, and the use of social media in Tunisian elections more broadly, Premise collected over 100 Contributor-submitted screenshots of narratives currently circulating on social media platforms such as Facebook

Opposition campaigns

Disinformation Targeting President Saied


Between October 17th and October 26st, Premise collected over 100 screenshots featuring disinformation and opposition narratives against President Kaies of Tunisia. Each screenshot passed several quality control checks to determine if the screenshot contained disinformation and if it came from Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp.

Premise in Action

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