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Our network is located in nearly 200 towns and cities spanning 30 countries.
Kano, Nigeria
Meet Magaji Ismail
"I joined Premise to get more work experience and also because the extra money helps me pay for things for my family that I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to afford."
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More about the Network

How many contributors are in your network?
We have thousands of contributors around the globe.
What demographic information do you have on your contributors?
As part of a contributor’s account creation, they’re asked to authenticate with a Facebook or Google+ account, so we know each contributor’s name, location, age and gender.
How do you know a contributor is trustworthy?
Since our contributors have varying degrees of technical expertise, ensuring data integrity is a major focus. Post-capture, on-the-ground observations are submitted to a rigorous quality control process which is designed to eliminate noise introduced by both accidental and deliberate contributor error (fraud). The methodology consists of a combination of automated machine learning techniques and input from human experts.
How much is each contributor paid?
We pay contributors for every approved data capture they complete. Exact payment varies based on the complexity of the task and urgency of completion.
How do you recruit people to the network?
We find people in two primary ways: the first is online acquisition and the second is word of mouth. We have mechanisms built into the app to make referrals as seamless as possible.
How do you train contributors?
We start them off with simple tasks to help help familiarize them with the process of capturing information. As they complete more tasks, we assess each submission and send feedback through the app when a task isn’t properly completed.
How do you pay your contributors?
Contributors are compensated in a number of ways but primarily in mobile cash or mobile recharge (top-ups).
How quickly do you pay for your contributors?
Network within 24 hours.
What are the biggest challenges to building networks in the developing world?
Figuring out the cultural and societal norms in all of the different countries in which we operate. And it’s not just by country that things vary widely, cities within a country can vary dramatically -- say, Kano vs. Lagos, Nigeria. The cultural norms and habits of people can even vary by neighborhood within a particular city. It’s important we capture all of this as authentically as we can because it means uncovering more useful and more valuable data.
How accurate is the geolocation on the phones most contributors are using?
We use two factors to verify geo-location. We capture the GPS location of the phone when the user captures a photo, and also ask the user to check-in to the shop or location. We compare the coordinates of each and ensure that they are within a reasonable variance.