The Premise 2020 Hackalong

The Premise 2020 Hackalong

Most people have heard of a hackathon, generally thought of as a design like sprint in which a group of people comes together to solve a specific problem, but since we do things a little differently at Premise our SVP Operations Dave Bischof decided to create the Premise Hackalong. 

Dave said that “During a time when companies are shifting to fully working from home companies can start pulling apart. Premise wanted to make sure we kept our identity as one company, one team. We wanted a way to promote innovation and collaboration while everyone settles into this new norm. From that, the hackalong was born.”

Based on the hackathon concept we created a six-week company-wide challenge. Anyone was able to develop a problem statement and create a team with the goal of having a working prototype, plan, design or concept that could be presented at the end of the six weeks. 

Teams were not allowed to exceed 15 people but extra points were given to teams that embraced cross-functionality nature (so the more departments on a team, the more points received) ensuring that we had as many people involved as possible. Teams were judged on creativity, usability, business value and team composition.  

One team leader, Samantha Hubner, said that “My favorite part about the hackalong was having the opportunity to step up and lead. It was my first opportunity to independently manage a team! Getting to facilitate dialogue, balance tight timelines, and seek feedback all while directing a vision for a 14-person team on a topic as challenging as onboarding became a fantastic outlet of professional development for me. I’m 100% sure I’ll continue to apply those lessons learned in my daily work.”

Maya who was part of the team “Hackalong_Bugs” said “it was a great opportunity to work with members of different functional teams, to get to know the details of their processes in order to get a more complete picture of the overall Premise workflows. This resulted in several enhancements that should ease the troubleshooting efforts for Core Ops and Engineering.”

Overall the Premise Hackalong was an incredible success with 14 teams formed and about 90% employee involvement. Dave said “every idea shared will gain traction and see momentum in the next 3-12 months. From new tech solutions to user engagement to marketing to HR to sales, every part of the company benefited from the final result.”

After presentations and deliberations by our panel of judges, a winner was announced. Congratulations to team #foot-traffic-products lead by Becca Abu Sharkh whose team received first place! The team included Beatriz Miranda, Saleel Huprikar, Allen Chen, Christiana Nguyen, Meghan Ramsey, Sofia MacGregor Oettler, Suélen Vale, Annalie Kruseman and Hilary Huntington. 

Becca said that “Overall it was relatively easy to put together a team and find times for us to all meet, which contributed to a sense of Premise community for me and because we had team members from lots of different teams everyone got to know more about what other teams were working on and had in the pipeline.”

We can’t wait to see many of these great ideas come to fruition in the next! To learn more about Premise visit us at