The Indo-Asia Pacific in Pictures

The Indo-Asia Pacific in Pictures

A visual look at how COVID-19 is impacting hundreds of thousands of Premise contributors

By Mike Strauss | Customer Success Manager, Public Sector

The Indo-Asia Pacific is often referred to as a patchwork of cultures, languages, history and traditions. We see these variations in the data submissions collected across our global network, which paint a picture of diversity in daily life. 

The COVID-19 Coronavirus has impacted virtually every country around the world at varying levels, and Premise has been on the front lines measuring awareness, economic effects, information dissemination, impacts and behavioral changes, social distancing, effects to personal finance, and even effects to airlines across our global network of over 95+ countries from over 1.7+ million contributors through our mobile app.

Beyond directed questions regarding COVID-19, Premise also collects data surrounding sentiment and observational viewpoints across the pillars which define quality of life. This includes questions and observable data points on government institutions, social issues, the economy, basic services and consumer habits. All of which are longitudinal studies that can show distinct variations and fluctuations across our global network. 

Premise collects this data on a daily basis, and the subject content provided from the in-app user may be as simplistic as taking a picture and asking a few questions about; a hospital, a community park, road conditions or an ATM. But through this data, we can see the effects of COVID-19 in the bulk of images submitted.

Social Distancing in India

The shift in parks and recreation areas are the most notable; we ask users to take pictures and report on parks and recreational spaces across the world. What we are witnessing in real-time, is the closure and sometimes cordon, of playgrounds and public spaces from the general public. We don’t ask users to specifically take pictures of empty spaces, but this is exactly what we are seeing in recent weeks as more countries impose restrictions to invoke social distancing and ban public gatherings.

Empty Park in the Philippines
Empty Playground in Thailand

When we ask contributors to take pictures of hospitals and record key details, we’re seeing submissions from Hong Kong that include public-facing postings of infection notices. In Taiwan, when we ask users to record information on pharmacies, we can see long queues at select locations throughout Taipei. 

Pharmacy Line in Taiwan
Pharmacy Line in Taiwan
Hospital Sign in the Philippines

The other amazing facet is a user’s willingness to continue completing tasks. Contributors are taking pictures and reporting on conditions from the balconies of their high rise apartments in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and many other major metropolitan areas. While public recreational spaces and commuting gathering places are sparse, grocery stores, food shops and yes, even street markets (despite their close quarters) are bustling!

Market in Hong Kong

Many following the COVID-19 pandemic will have become accustomed to the graphics and stock photos routinely repurposed by the media throughout the daily news cycle, but what is genuinely enlightening, is the raw information, and the visual insight provided by our contributor network, who are living this reality on the ground, in real-time. What is truly special about this data, is that it is all geospatial, and mappable to select areas of regard.

While facets of daily life vary greatly from country to country, a striking reality is the number of similarities that we see within our data across the region as a whole. With social distancing being practiced at varying levels, the overall trend of empty spaces, shuttered businesses, empty recreational parks, and barren city streets remain consistent. Across Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and many more, we’re seeing these recurrent themes in the pictures from real-world users, which remind us, we’re all in this together.

Roped off Playground in Malaysia

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About Mike Strauss

Mike Strauss is a Customer Success Manager overseeing multiple Public Sector programs across Asia. He has over 12 years of experience working with multiple Private Corporations and Public Sector Agencies throughout the Indo-Asia Pacific region.