That’s ‘sa-lat’ of Contributors! Celebrating Eid with our Muslim Community

That’s ‘sa-lat’ of Contributors! Celebrating Eid with our Muslim Community

The ability for people to connect around the world through mobile phones has brought a great amount of growth and breadth in what is possible for data collection. One of those new possibilities is to task people on the ground to collect information that is needed by people who are not able to perform the same duties due to location, time, capacity or cost.

With advances in mobile technology, it is easier than ever to get answers to your questions, even when you are not physically there. Using a mobile application allows users to easily collect high-quality data, as well as provide information like photos and geolocation. Photos provide a deeper level of verification and insight than simply asking a question. As the saying goes, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Premise’s technology allows governments, humanitarian aid organizations and for-profit companies to answer the questions you have with ease. You no longer have to wonder what your new promotion looks like in stores or how many health clinics are in a city, you can know.

Over the course of the last month, Premise Contributors across the globe have been celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. There are close to two billion Muslims around the world, which makes Islam the second largest religion after Christianity. Many Muslims celebrate Ramadan, a month-long celebration considered the holiest month of the year in the Muslim community or umma. In honor of this significantly growing portion of our Premise community, we asked our Muslim Contributors to share how they planned to celebrate Ramadan this year.

Photos submitted by Contributors around the world showing how they celebrate Iftar.

Throughout the course of Ramadan, we have collected data from Contributors in 25 different countries and in 14 languages about their plans for celebrating Ramadan. The overwhelming majority 84% (9,987) planned to participate in celebrations.

Overall, most of our Contributors have celebrated Ramadan by fasting 83% (9,867), going to their community mosque for prayers, and hosting large iftar dinners 67% (7,949) with family and friends. Community mosques are also quite active in hosting iftar dinners as well as organizing a variety of community and charity events 66% (4,237).

Bash, a Country Support Specialist in the Philippines and a devout Muslim, has found a great sense of camaraderie among fellow Muslims in the Premise community. Though the Philippines is a very populous country, Bash lives in the only Islamic city in the country—Marawi. Which makes the community he has found through Premise even more significant!

Our recent celebration of Ramadan through these surveys has also demonstrated new growth within our worldwide network overall. We are on track to hit 15 million all-time submissions within the next week, and over 600,000 total Contributors around the world.

The capacity for technology to facilitate the capture of this information greatly strengthens the insights organizations can make as they have a more complete picture of the culture and climate on-the-ground. Understanding local community sentiment helps gauge success and guide organizations in how to proceed, adding an additional layer of knowledge when creating new programs and objectives in countries or regions they are less familiar with.

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