Test Your Trivia Knowledge!

Test Your Trivia Knowledge!

January 4th is National Trivia Day in the U.S. At Premise, we have a great love for fun facts and data. Premise continuously collects data in over 75 countries about everything from the price of local goods to citizen sentiment about community resources.

So put on your thinking cap and test your knowledge of our Contributor bases with some questions derived from Premise’s proprietary Anchor Network data. 


1.Which of these two products are closest in price on a global average basis?

a. Ground beef and chicken breast

b. Chocolate and lamb meat

c. Fresh juice and ice cream

d. Butter and milk

2. Among U.S. Contributors, what is the most popular candy to eat while watching a movie? 

a. M&Ms

b. Chocolate covered peanuts

c. Sour Patch Kids

d. Twizzlers 

3. Where do most Contributors in the United States receive their flu vaccinations? 

a. Drug store, pharmacy, retail clinic

b. Clinic or health center

c. Workplace

d. Doctor’s office 

4. In a typical week, how often do most people exercise in the United States?

a. Never

b. 1 day

c. 2 to 3 days

d. 4 to 5 days

e. 6 to 7 days

f. More than once per day

5. In the past year, the average price of Coca-Cola globally was $1.37/liter, according to Premise. During that same time period in the Philippines, how much was the average liter of Coca-Cola?

a. $1.23

b. $2.76

c. $1.55

d. $1.89

6. What is the most common device used to access social media sites in the United States?

a. Smartphone

b. Tablet 

c. Computer 

7. What is the most used food delivery app by Contributors in the U.S.?

a. Caviar

b. Uber Eats

c. Delivery.com

d. DoorDash

Answers: 1. B) Chocolate and lamb meat; 2. A) M&Ms; 3. D) Doctor’s office; 4. C) Two to three days ; 5. C) $1.55; 6. A) Smartphone; 7. D) DoorDash


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The above questions are based on data collected by Premise Data through the Premise mobile app (available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store) of Premise’s more than 1 million global Contributors. All the data is collected via convenience sampling.