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Intelligent crowdsourcing allows for the proper regulation of data through the collection of real-time, unbiased information from diverse, reliable Contributors.

Global Data

Actionable Insights with Crowdsourcing

Whether you are looking to close information gaps in data dark parts of the world or conduct effective,
real-time competitor monitoring, Premise is the source for your data needs.

Price Monitoring

Track changes in price and other economic indicators impacting macro and micro trends. Monitor price in stores and markets quickly.

Movement Patterns

Understand the flow of transit and people in targeted locations. Our data can help you understand the pulse of any community.

Location Discovery

Identify new locations for business expansion or verify return on existing ones. We can help you to establish a roadmap in locations around the world.

Logistics Monitoring

Verify operations and deliveries on-the-ground. Ensure your goods are getting where they need to go, when they need to be there.


Monitor the conditions of indoor and outdoor assets in public spaces, restaurants, health facilities and more.

Risk Monitoring

Determine and monitor potential risk indicators such as the spread of diseases, food shortages and increases in crime and gang activity.

Retail Audit

See your products on the shelf in real time. We can help you get visibility in retailers across the globe.

Sentiment and Surveys

Ask targeted questions and gauge attitudes on a range of issues at specific locations to gain a deeper understanding of sentiment.

crowdsource market research

Why Premise?

Premise is a two-way global marketplace for high-quality data.

Premise offers an alternative to traditional data collection methods such as time-intensive polls/surveys, or costly direct observation capture in the field. Applying proven recruitment strategies, Premise can quickly stand up a relevant Contributor base, leverage our existing public network of thousands of respondents, or partner with clients to create a private respondent network to collect targeted insights.