Premise Signals

A subscription information service for real-time, real-world city data

Premise Signals is a purpose-built suite of tasks, surveys and other data gathering methodologies to reveal valuable insights of your city from a resident or visitor’s point of view.

Premise Signals is a subscription information service for real-time, real-world data collection, analysis and visualization of the most important topics of city life, including:

Economic Development


Public Health & Safety

Housing & Cost of Living


Data You Can Trust

We research your city’s demographics to build a responsive network from the ground up, allowing you to engage directly with hyperlocal contributors who can be tasked to complete surveys, capture direct observations, record sentiment of real-life conditions, or complete real-time expeditions.

Once captured, all findings are quality controlled for completeness, responsiveness, geo-location accuracy, image/resolution quality and other desired characteristics through Premise’s autonomous machine learning capabilities and fraud detection monitoring.

Better Analysis to Make Better Decisions

Targeted insights and direct observations are analyzed for trends and presented in a ready-to-consume visualization format.

Add Ground Truth data into your decision-making process.