Sentiment and Surveys

Are You Missing Crucial Insight?

Ask Targeted Questions and Gauge Attitudes on a Range of Issues

Numbers don’t always tell the whole story. While quantitative data is extremely valuable, it often isn’t enough to answer your questions because numbers can’t provide a complete picture of what’s happening on the ground. Qualitative data provides the missing information needed to inform critical decisions, but collecting the information through surveys or polling people takes an immense amount of time and effort. By the time that data reaches you, it might already be out of date. With mobile technology, the amount of time needed to deploy surveys, capture the data and return it is shortened drastically.

Crowdsourcing sentiment from local citizens provides a unique, deeper look into the operations of cities around the globe. With ground-level data, you can make decisions and create strategies based on verified information.

When you have questions about information on the ground, you need data that is trustworthy and verifiable. Premise delivers real-time, accurate and actionable data using a global network of on-the-ground Contributors, combined with data science and machine learning techniques.

Key Benefits

  • Increase Efficiency: Gather a high volume of data from around the globe easily and quickly without having to leave your office.
  • Close Information Gaps: Collect a deeper level of data global to fill any gaps in your organization’s information and complement quantitative information so you can make more informed decisions.
  • Targeted Surveying: Target Contributors current location, area of residence, age, gender, education level, completed tasks and answers to previous questions to get granular data.

Use Cases

Premise can help you collect a wide range of sentiment data in different forms and on different topics. Here are some of the common use cases:

  • Interviews: Task Contributors to ask prescribed members of their communities a directed list of questions and record the responses.
  • Surveys: From information about products on shelves to job availability, conduct surveys of our Contributors to gain insight around the world.
  • Freedom of Movement Sentiment: Collect citizen perceptions of safety, quality and ease of travel to help monitor perceptions of freedom beyond monitoring physical conditions alone.
  • Economic Sentiment Collection: Gather sentiment data on the quality and availability of goods, commercial vibrancy, the availability of jobs and access to fair wages.
  • Public Sentiment Collection: Gauge public sentiment regarding a variety of factors like safety, prosperity and rule of law.
  • Augment Data: Augment other data collection processes with surveys to understand the why behind the numbers direct from the source.