Retail Audit

In-store effectiveness powered by the crowd

Premise works with CPG brands of all shapes and sizes across all categories to perform retail audits that give them shelf-level insights in real time.

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Premise Solutions

Premise operates the world’s largest marketplace for the collection of retail data, bringing the power of 3 million Premise app users across more than 120 countries to Category Managers and Shopper Marketers.

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Photo Collection


Latitude/Longitude Capture

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Bar Code Scanning


Prompts and Surveys


AI Fraud Detection

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Inventory Availability


Display & Planogram Compliance


Competitive Activity

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Price Monitoring

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Shelf Placement

How It Works

1. Configure

Premise quickly transforms your questions into tasks. Based on your specific needs, we create a data acquisition campaign to crowdsource the answers you need.

2. Collect

Contributors perform tasks in retail outlets across the globe, filling your in-store information gaps. Through the Premise app, Contributors can take photos, walk routes and answer questions. Configure tasks as needed by reallocating resources to different store locations

3. Quality Control

We process every submission through a combination of manual and automatic quality control checks.

4. Visualize

Visualize your data in our custom dashboards, or download your data and integrate it with your existing information management systems. Dive into the data that was collected specifically for you.

Global brands rely on Premise to deliver deep customer insights.

Why Premise?


• Scalable: 3 million Contributors

• Global: 120+ countries

• Quality: Proprietary AI based QA algorithms

• Local: 37 languages

• Cost Efficient: Data is collected by nearby app users

• Innovative: Pioneer in crowdsourced data collection

• Objective: Premise Contributors have no stake in the outcome

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