Premise Mobilizes Its Global Contributor Network for Earth Day 2021

Premise Mobilizes Its Global Contributor Network for Earth Day 2021

By Matt Lindner | Senior Content Marketing Manager

Earth Day 2021 brings with it a renewed focus on sustainability and the environment. 

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Retail giants like Target and Amazon are investing billions of dollars into making their products, facilities, and packaging more sustainable. Iconic CPG brands including Frito Lay, Hershey, and Kimberly Clark have launched large scale efforts aimed at reducing their overall carbon footprint in an effort to slow the pace of climate change. Starbucks has made it its stated goal to halve its carbon emissions and the amount of waste it sends to landfills by the end of this decade. The list goes on.

Why? It’s simple — Employees of those companies and the people who buy from them are becoming more conscious of their overall impact on the environment overall.

Whether it’s bringing reusable grocery bags when going out shopping, making a conscious effort to recycle paper coffee cups, or taking public transit instead of driving, every small decision that a person makes helps a person reduce their overall negative impact on the environment.

Premise is committed to doing its part to help make the environment a better place for all of us. And with millions of contributors in more than 120 countries, we’re uniquely positioned to help. So, we’re mobilizing our contributor network this Earth Day. Anyone who has the Premise app on their smartphone anywhere in the world can get rewarded for making environmentally friendly decisions while going about their everyday lives and telling us about it.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the Premise App. It’s available on iPhone and Android.
  2. Find the task in the dashboard labeled “Earth Day” in the Locate tab of the Market.
  3. Answer the survey questions.
  4. Take photos of the business as well as the actions you took. No cheating – our algorithm keeps our data clean and can weed out any fraudulent images and check-ins.
  5. Choose how you want to get paid! We will pay you in local or cryptocurrency.

It’s that easy! Make sure you tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter showing off your good deed. 

Premise is committed to helping businesses make better decisions and understanding how their sustainability initiatives stack up. Our global contributor network is uniquely positioned to provide real-time, geotargeted feedback from anywhere in the world. 

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