Improve Market Research Data Quality and Actionable Insights with Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a process of problem solving that leverages a network, whether digital or physical, to complete or solve a task, problem, or project. The advantages from a data perspective are vast. Accurate, efficient data collection can improve business processes including the customer experience, aiding in steady growth over time.

It is a tactic easily applicable to every sized business from the hustling startup to the publicly traded corporation, the philanthropic non-profit organization to the robust government agency. Intelligent crowdsourcing allows for the proper regulation of data through the collection of real-time, unbiased information from diverse, reliable data sources.

In this piece, we cover everything you need to know about crowdsourcing including:

  • Crowdsourcing Models
  • Benefits of Crowdsourcing
  • Data advantages of Crowdsourcing
  • Getting started with Crowdsourcing
  • Crowdsourcing in Action
  • Micro-tasking
  • Crowd Curation
  • Crowdsourcing Solutions