How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program in Four Easy Steps

How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program in Four Easy Steps

Traditional shopping programs require a lot of effort for recruiting, qualifying, scheduling, training and managing shoppers, but by using a crowdsourcing solution, like Premise, it can be a lot easier and more efficient.

Here are the four steps to get your the data you need: 

  1. Design: Based on your needs we work together to design the program that best suits you – this includes determining regions, countries or specific retail locations you want to target. Your questions are turned into tasks that our contributors can perform through the Premise App. 
  2. Rollout and Iteration: Once everything has been finalized from defining the questions to agreeing upon the number of locations and everything in between we rollout the tasks to our network. During the initial rollout, we ensure everything is going according to plan and that data collection is on target to meet your needs. This is when we are able to iterate and make any tweaks necessary to make sure you are satisfied. 
  3. Steady State Collection: The entire shop is completed within the Premise app – this provides a more efficient experience for the user and more accurate data for you. Within the app, we can provide instructions and hints. We also have both manual and built-in automatic quality control checks that allow us to reject submissions that do not meet your requirements or are not performed correctly. Once the submission has passed all our rigorous control checks the user will receive payment. 
  4. Analysis and Visualization: All of the data is relayed to our platform where we are able to create visualizations for you and your team to see the results as they are being collected. Data can be downloaded in a number of different formats to meet your specific needs. 

Once you have your data collected you can gather insights and begin to determine how to make changes or reward success. Keep in mind that to have long-term success it is important to re-evaluate if the learnings you implement are creating the desired changes and results.

With Premise’s network of engaged users, the time to deploy a secret shopper program is minimal. We customize each data collection campaign based on your specific needs, making sure you’re paying for the specific information that is going to help. Our tailored approach to pricing keeps mystery shopping campaigns within your budget and allows you to get the data you need, whether that be specific regions, demographic groups, volumes or locations.  

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