How Crowdsourcing Can Help With Data Collection Gap During COVID-19

How Crowdsourcing Can Help With Data Collection Gap During COVID-19

By Alexandria Maruska | Global Business Development

As I sit in my home office, it’s hard not to think about all the ways the pandemic is altering our lives, both personal and professional. In the United States, a vast majority of people are working from home and for parents, that means juggling work, parenting, teaching, and so much more. In a six-week longitudinal study starting at the beginning of March, we saw an increase from only 17% of respondents in the U.S. saying they were staying home from work or school to 74% by the 6th week. For some companies, it has been easier than others to switch to remote work. In my role at Premise, I have talked to several professionals across the commercial industry about the slow down they’re experiencing in data collection.

Many companies have postponed or canceled their research projects due to the pandemic. While there are numerous concerns that factor into that decision, it is essential to note the value of having data that is representative of this unique time we are experiencing. We have seen during this crisis, how a lack of accurate data causes panic, fear and poor decisions. With the onset of the pandemic in the United States, Americans flocked to the stores to “stock up” on essential goods, including toilet paper and Clorox wipes. Over half of our respondents in the United States have said it’s “difficult” or “very difficult” to find the desired food and goods while shopping. 

While a lot of things have come to a halt, we still have people who can tell us what’s happening in the world. The nature of Premise’s crowdsourced data collection model has allowed us to continue collecting data, helping us and other organizations understand how COVID-19 is impacting their communities and businesses. Crowdsourcing is an effective solution for quality data collection and real-time, actionable analytics not only now but in general.  

Many companies encounter issues when it comes to data collection, like cost, speed, and availability of information; all of these existing issues are being exacerbated by this situation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic data collection has become more challenging but crowdsourcing is a way to get reliable data quickly and. Being creative in how we understand how people are feeling, seeing and thinking during this time, and that is an area where Premise excels. 

Crowdsourcing is a tactic easily applicable to every sized business from the hustling startup to the publicly traded corporation, the philanthropic non-profit organization to the robust government agency. Intelligent crowdsourcing allows for the proper regulation of data through the collection of real-time unbiased information from a diverse set of users quickly and cost-effectively. 

Now is the time for corporations, governments, and aid organizations all over the world to collect accurate real-time data. Especially during this crisis, it is critical to get an accurate picture of what is happening on the ground. Through the Premise app, hundreds of thousands of Premise Contributors in over 100 countries are able to help us understand what their local grocery stores look like, if they understand the communication they are receiving from their governments, to what extent their community is practicing social distancing, and more. 

If you are interested in how Premise can help you crowdsource the reliable data you need during this challenging time, email me at Learn more about the data Premise is collecting around COVID-19 at

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