Why Hiring Veterans is Good Business

Why Hiring Veterans is Good Business

By Maury Blackman | CEO and President

At Premise, we have created a tight-knit team that is passionate, moves fast, appreciates candor and is ultimately focused on building technology that has a measurable human impact. To build a team like this we have looked for people who are curious, ambitious and have diverse backgrounds. With Veteran’s Day approaching on November 11th I wanted to take a minute to discuss how hiring former service members fits into this. 

From my experience, being in the military teaches you many important skills, but two stand out – leadership and initiative. I started learning how to be a leader in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) while I was at the University of Houston. The ROTC has a proven framework for building leaders and I’m thankful to have benefited from that experience; I still use what I learned to this day in my role as the CEO and President of Premise.  

As a U.S. Military Field Artillery Officer, I learned a lot and had exposure to experiences that others my age who worked in the private sector did not. Being able to present ideas and plans to colonels and one-star generals and get feedback about my ideas put me ahead of my peers.  

The concept of “taking initiative” is huge for the military. For example, if you see a piece of garbage on the ground you pick it up because that’s what is expected. Performing basic courtesies is a given. This seems simple, but at a startup, we need people who are going to look around and, when they find a problem, they get to work solving it.

Many Americans are unaware of the skills veterans have amassed from their time in service. And yes, everything that you learn in the military doesn’t always transfer to the private sector but the building blocks for being a key contributor to an organization are there. Coming from the military into a civilian role for many can be very daunting, but veterans have a huge wealth of skills that make them extremely desirable job candidates. 

At Premise, we operate in over 70 countries around the world. Due to the nature of overseas deployments, veterans often have experience working in a number of regions and can work with people of diverse backgrounds. Their ability to understand different cultures and apply cultural insights to our work is a huge asset. We also operate in 28 languages so exposure to different languages is also very needed. 

Startups can be challenging and have frequent curveballs. Veterans have shown that they can handle adversity and roll with the punches. They also have the unique ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines and limited resources. 

Not only do we find many admirable and much-needed qualities in veterans, but the veterans themselves also find plenty of advantages to working at Premise. Premise offers the flexibility for all team members to continue to serve their communities and the flexibility for employees to pursue their passions and maintain balance in their lives.

One new Premise team member, a former senior career military officer, recently told me, “I really wanted to continue to make a global impact in a positive way. It was important that I believe in the company I joined in the private sector;  people matter to me, and Premise is all about people!” 

To grow our company we need people with leadership and initiative and that’s what we see with veterans. We are happy to have veterans on our team and encourage any former service members to consider looking at jobs in the private sector, we know we would be lucky to have you join our team. 

About Maury Blackman

Maury Blackman serves as President and CEO of Premise. He has over 20 years of experience leading mission-driven, high growth technology companies. Prior to Premise, Maury served as President and CEO of Accela, a global government technology company. Under his leadership, Accela raised over $300M in financing, achieved triple-digit valuation growth, and grew the company’s account base from 300 to 2,500+ governments around the world.