Premise’s Global Health Sites Dataset

Getting accurate information about health sites around the globe can be challenging, but is crucial to global health initiatives. With our location-based discovery capability, Premise has identified over 36,000 individual health facilities across 8 countries. Currently, the dataset includes Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Philippines, Taiwan and Ukraine.

Premise has built a database that is truly unique among other point of interest databases. The detailed characteristics that Premise is able to collect in hard-to-reach parts of the world are not available anywhere else in the market. This dataset is always being updated based on more recent submissions, ensuring that our data is always current and gets richer over time.

In addition to mapping sites, our contributors enrich the health facility with facility characteristics such as the following:

  • Photos outside and inside of the health facility
  • Type of facility
  • Health facilities access to refrigeration
  • Types of vaccines available at the clinic, and photos of the vaccines
  • The days/hours vaccines are available
  • Quality of service
  • And more!

We’ve seen how data about health facilities can provide valuable insights needed to strengthen public health initiatives at the local and national levels. If your organization could use this data to help in the fight against COVID-19, we want to help you for free.

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