Harnessing the Value of a Nurtured Network

Harnessing the Value of a Nurtured Network

How People Reveal What Numbers Can’t

By Samantha Hubner | Growth Analyst - Southeast Asia

At Premise, we distinguish ourselves from other data collection companies through the meticulous development of our Contributor networks. Premise builds Contributor networks across the globe, each carefully tailored to the individual communities it encompasses. These networks aim to provide ground-level data to our clients, helping to inform critical decision-making. Beyond that, these networks also have the potential to make a positive impact on local Contributors’ lives and communities.

So what, and who, exactly is a Contributor? Contributors are anyone present or living within a given network region that owns a smartphone and is registered as a user on the Premise app. By harnessing the potential of a more digitally connected world, we are able to collect real-time, crowdsourced data from local people who know the region best.

The value of the Contributor is at the core of what we offer our clients. Contributors provide the human element needed to properly frame our findings, excavating critical tenets of data that would otherwise remain too deeply buried. Thus, by collecting data specifically through our Contributors, we are able to add unprecedented dimension and quality to our final product.


Typically lifelong residents in their communities, our Contributors are not only uniquely knowledgeable, but they also have uninhibited access to both public and private spaces that host a wealth of information, such as at new construction sites or within their own homes. Simply put, they are local experts able to reach places that satellites and drones ordinarily cannot. The granular data gathered from Contributors provide crucial input, derived from relevant demographic populations, that more precisely advises decision-makers.


A great example of how significant a strong Premise Contributor network is to the collection of high data quality is our ongoing success in Colombia to combat the Zika virus. Funded by USAID as part of its Grand Challenge initiative, urban residents in Cali, Cucuta and Santa Marta use the Premise app to help the local Departments of Health better monitor and combat the Zika virus and other vector-borne diseases. By identifying and destroying mosquito breeding grounds in their homes and around their communities, these local citizens are helping close critical information gaps.


Since March 2017, over 615,000 sewage opening inspections have been performed with the Premise platform, painting a dynamic picture of Aedes mosquito density across communas (city districts), with data granularity down to the level of street intersections and sewer openings… [which] has dramatically improved the efficiency of Cali’s identification of vector control “hotspots,” allow[ing] them to rapidly deploy fumigation and larvicide treatments to targeted locations.”


Building and maintaining each of these networks is a carefully calculated, yet fluid process. Our team is constantly working to improve the Contributor experience by frequently and directly soliciting feedback, incorporating new tasks to create more opportunities, and offering more easily accessible methods of payment to our worldwide community of Contributors for their services.

User experience testing with Cali citizens.

Contributors are invaluable to Premise, but using Premise is also quite beneficial to our Contributors. In the regions where Premise works, having a source of supplemental income can make a tremendous difference in improving citizens’ livelihoods. By providing fast and easy payment to our Contributors for completing our tasks, Premise has developed networks that are in fact sustained by their symbiotic nature.

While the scope of creating, monitoring and sustaining our Contributor networks is too vast to fully capture, the process of cultivating a strong network is an unquestionably fulfilling one. With every new Contributor who joins our Premise community, we have the opportunity to affect change in countless lives. Thus, we hope that by continuing to prioritize our networks, we will continue making a positive impact across the globe for both our users and our clients.


Learn more about how Premise’s Contributor networks will address your need for high-quality data solutions at www.premise.com or email info@premise.com.

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About Samantha Hubner

Having spent the majority of her professional career abroad, Samantha is extremely passionate about innovating modern technology to better connect and provide for our global community. As an analyst on the Growth team, Samantha develops and maintains Contributor networks in the Southeast Asia region. She coordinates with program managers and the Premise global workforce to tailor data collection tasks, initiates methods of network growth, and manage the country support team in Southeast Asia. The work of the Growth team ensures that our clients get the carefully localized data they need, as well as overseeing the overall quality of the Contributor experience.