Are You Missing Crucial Insight?

Sentiment and Surveys

Ask Targeted Questions and Gauge Attitudes on a Range of Issues

Numbers don’t always tell the whole story. While quantitative data is extremely valuable, it often isn’t enough to answer your questions because numbers can’t provide a complete picture of what’s happening on the ground. Qualitative data provides the missing information needed to inform critical decisions, but collecting the information through surveys or polling people takes an immense amount of time and effort. By the time that data reaches you, it might already be out of date. With mobile technology, the amount of time needed to deploy surveys, capture the data and return it is shortened drastically.

Crowdsourcing sentiment from local citizens provides a unique, deeper look into the operations of cities around the globe. With ground-level data, you can make decisions and create strategies based on verified information.

When you have questions about information on the ground, you need data that is trustworthy and verifiable. Premise delivers real-time, accurate and actionable data using a global network of on-the-ground Contributors, combined with data science and machine learning techniques.

What is Sentiment Data and Why Should You Collect It?

Sentiment data is qualitative data. It can be asked to anyone on pretty much anything. Using sentiment data you can conduct sentiment analysis to learn subjective opinions. This data is often collected to better understand the voice of the customer, who could be anything from the customer of a multinational CPG company to a local city council interested in their local citizens.

Collecting sentiment data serves as a complement to any of your quantitative data, often providing color and insight that numbers alone can not provide. With Premise, you can collect sentiment data through our mobile from our global network of Contributors quickly and efficiently, as well as task users to provide observations and photographs.

Ask Questions Where They Matter

It’s no secret that people have different answers to questions based on how you design the questions – its called response bias. That is why survey design is so critical for making sure you get data that is rigorous. One way to make sure you get accurate data is by confronting recall biases. By asking Contributors to verify things live you get responses in real-time. This helps to eliminate some of the discrepancies that can occur when asking people to recall their experiences at a later date. So to get data that matters, ask questions when and where they matter.

Building a Crowdsourced Panel

When you have questions about information on the ground, you need data that is trustworthy and verifiable. Premise delivers real-time, accurate and actionable data using a global network of on-the-ground Contributors, combined with data science and machine learning techniques.

Our panel of Contributors can be targeted based on a number of different factors, including current location, area of residence, age, gender, education level, completed tasks and answers to previous questions. With our incentivized micro-payment model you get the data you need about your organization while saving time and money.


Use Cases

Premise can help you collect a wide range of sentiment data in different forms and on different topics. Here are some of the common use cases:

  • Interviews: Task Contributors to ask prescribed members of their communities a directed list of questions and record the responses.
  • Surveys: From information about products on shelves to job availability, conduct surveys of our Contributors to gain insight around the world.
  • Freedom of Movement Sentiment: Collect citizen perceptions of safety, quality and ease of travel to help monitor perceptions of freedom beyond monitoring physical conditions alone.
  • Economic Sentiment Collection: Gather sentiment data on the quality and availability of goods, commercial vibrancy, the availability of jobs and access to fair wages.
  • Public Sentiment Collection: Gauge public sentiment regarding a variety of factors like safety, prosperity and rule of law.
  • Augment Data: Augment other data collection processes with surveys to understand the why behind the numbers direct from the source.

Understanding Your Net Promoter Score

For many organizations understanding local satisfaction is very important. Sentiment surveys are gathered directly in-app or Contributors are tasked with interviewing others to obtain direct feedback on brands, products and services. Premise can collect net promoter score (NPS) for consumer brands, retail services, local governments, political organizations and NGOs. With this data organizations can better tailor strategies to meet local needs and challenges.

Premise was able to help one CPG brand replace traditional market research to collect NPS data more efficiently. Through crowdsourcing, we were able to collect data in-person from retail managers about their experience with the brands’ distributors. This geolocated NPS data we collected helped the brand better understand what specifically they need to improve with each of their distributors at specific points of sale.

sentiment and survey nps

Using Sentiment Data to Gauge Local Atmospherics

Premise’s Contributor Network can serve as your panel to understand the feelings of local community members. Global organizations can use general atmospherics information to inform critical business decisions such as expansion plans, site location, employee safety and economic stability.

With our technology, we can help organizations gather information from a local perspective on a number of different topics from sentiment about local governments, to the standard of living and economic outlook. With this data, organizations can better understand the changes in atmospherics in specific locations to help inform strategy and business decisions.

Across the globe, Premise deploys tasks to our panel of users to asses how they feel on a variety of topics. These tasks are used to better understand our Contributors as well as help them become accustomed to completing tasks. We ask questions like how satisfied they are with healthcare in their area or how affordable food is in their neighborhoods.

Premise Signals

Looking for on-demand data about Quality of Life around the world? Premise Signals can help you. Using our global network of Contributors Premise asks a range of questions to help understand what quality of life is like in different countries. Questions range from information about essential services to community cohesion.
premise signals


Qualitative data can be collected in a number of ways when using Premise’s mobile app. The flexibility of task design allows you to collect whatever sentiment data you are interested in accessing. You can combine sentiment data tasks with other tasks to get the perfect blend of qualitative and quantitative data.