Even in Difficult Times, We Can Have an Impact

Even in Difficult Times, We Can Have an Impact

By Sheila Koohpai | Growth Marketing Partnerships Lead

A few weeks ago on March 16, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared Coronavirus, also referred to as COVID-19, a pandemic. Living in this new pandemic world is definitely a strange and scary one. And while each one of us is having different experiences, we share one thing in common – disruption to our normal, daily lives. Whether it’s not going outside as much or not at all, losing your job or knowing someone who got laid off, unexpected heightened anxiety you’ve never felt before—the list goes on and on. But in all of this pandemic 2020 chaos, it has united us together to be a resilient generation. 

For many of our Contributors all over the world, not only in the developing world but also in the developed world, Premise has become an even more important tool for them.

To take a step back, users of the Premise app are known as Contributors. Premise has over 1.7 million Contributors, representing 33 languages in over 95 countries. Premise Contributors submit tasks that vary from completing sentiment surveys, to taking pictures to verify events on the ground. In return for completing these tasks, Contributors get paid. In the majority of the countries, Premise employs Country Support Specialists, our eyes and ears on the ground, who engage with our Contributors on a daily basis—from answering questions to troubleshooting issues.  

Being in the frontlines of engaging with our Country Support Specialists and Contributors, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the Premise app has transformed lives during this pandemic; not only in a monetary sense but during these new measures of social distancing and self-isolation. 

In Taiwan, one contributor who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and in official quarantine told us on March 20, 2020,

“Your app is now even more important to me than before, since I am in a room alone most of the time, so thank you.”

In the Philippines, another Contributor commented on our Premise Philippines Facebook page on March 23, 2020:

“Premise is the best. This app really takes good care of all contributors. We should all follow what our countries are imposing whether it’s community quarantine or total lockdown. Stay safe guys!”

And lastly, in Nigeria, a Contributor wrote to us on March 26, 2020,

“A big thanks for giving me a job – WELL DONE. I am seizing the opportunity to say thank you to Premise for this wonderful benefit and educating us about our environment.” 

And while it is such a rewarding feeling to see how my work at Premise is truly making a difference to our Contributor’s lives during this pandemic, particularly those in self-isolation—it’s even more interesting to compare these Contributors thoughts to the data we’re analyzing from each country. From understanding perceptions and awareness of the COVID-19 virus to how it’s impacting daily life and spending, Premise Contributors are providing their sentiments and thoughts from across the world. What is even more fascinating is how we are comparing this measurable data to real-life conditions, based on photos Contributors are sending us.

After reading the comment from the Taiwanese Contributor who had COVID-19, I started looking at our data more closely to better understand what was going on in-country by exploring Premise’s Global Impact Study.

Only being 80 miles off the coast of mainland China, Taiwan is being praised by the news media as a ‘success story,’ in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak, even though it is still reporting new cases every day. As a result of Taiwan’s fame, world leaders and journalists are calling attention around Taiwan’s membership exclusion from the WHO. 

But the news is not the only way to understand what is going on in-country. In the digital age of easily spreading misinformation and propaganda campaigns, and for places like Taiwan, where the government is monitoring and tracking its citizens through their cell phone data, hearing from Taiwanese locals themselves is critical. 

How did our Taiwanese Contributors feel about COVID-19 and what was the situation on the ground?

Taiwan: Trusting the WHO and their National Government

When it came to trusting the WHO as a viable information source, the majority of our Taiwanese contributors leaned towards moderately confident’ to not at all confident.’

This data was retrieved on April 2, 2020 from the Premise COVID-19 Information and Messaging data dashboard.

Taiwanese reported similar results when it came to trusting information from their government.

This data was retrieved on April 2, 2020 from the Premise COVID-19 Information and Messaging data dashboard.

Taiwanese Concern Level around COVID-19

But what about Taiwanese concern level? 

Out of the 11,000+ submissions, the majority of Taiwanese respondents leaned toward being ‘very concerned’ and ‘concerned’ about the spread of COVID-19 to their community.

This data was retrieved on April 2, 2020 from the Premise COVID-19 Economics data dashboard.

Taiwan: Testing for COVID-19

Taiwan is still reporting new COVID-19 cases every day. Given all the buzz around Taiwan’s COVID-19 response being a model for other countries to follow, our Taiwanese Contributors are reporting mixed results regarding the availability of testing, and negative results about their government’s use of medical information. Can the two be related?

This data was retrieved on April 2, 2020 from the Premise COVID-19 Testing data dashboard.

The majority of Taiwanese respondents seemed to show distrust over the government accessing their health information if they were to get tested. Also, respondents seem to be confused about how to get tested. An in terms of active testing of COVID-19 across Taiwanese communities, it seems testing availability is increasing at a higher rate rather than decreasing.

This data was retrieved on April 2, 2020 from the Premise COVID-19 Testing data dashboard.

And for seeing the actual truth on the ground, below are snapshots of empty playgrounds taken by Taiwanese Contributors.

Empty playgrounds and parks in Taiwan taken on March 24, 2020.

Our Contributor submissions around COVID-19 data are more important now than before, not only for organizations and the greater public but also for our Contributors. The Contributors who just got laid off, or maybe in quarantine due to experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or ones curious to know how their submissions are making a difference, Premise is playing a key role in their lives. Premise is their silver lining.

For the greater public, like you, we hope you are assessing our data to truly understand the impacts this pandemic has on a global scale. Premise gives you the data, for you to make decisions around Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus.

You can visit www.premise.com/COVID-19 to learn more about the data we are collecting about this global pandemic.

About Sheila Koohpai

Sheila Koohpai is the Growth Marketing Partnerships Lead at Premise, where she oversees and manages Global Partnerships and Country Recruitment Specialists. As a member of the Growth Marketing team, she supports user acquisition, new user experience, retention, and overall contributor support.  Working closely with Premise Customer Success managers, Data Integrity and Global Operations, she implements both digital and on-the-ground recruitment strategies that build and sustain a healthy global contributor network, primarily in developing countries. Prior to Premise, she worked at USAID as a Communications Manager specializing in behavioral change communications. Sheila has over 10 years of experience in strategic communications, and received her M.A  International Relations from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs and her M.S. Public Relations from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.