Empower the Crowd to Supercharge Your Business

Empower the Crowd to Supercharge Your Business

Crowdsourcing is becoming crowd empowerment, and that's having major ramifications for businesses across all industries.

By Dave Dewalt | Founder and Managing Director, NightDragon

What if I told you there was an easier way to drive more engagement with your rewards programs while at the same time identifying areas of improvement, significantly minimizing overall risk to your business, and capitalizing on hidden-in-plain-sight growth opportunities?

You’d implement that strategy in a heartbeat, right?

Such a solution already exists. 

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It’s what’s known as crowd empowerment, the next step in the evolution of crowdsourcing, and companies like Premise are leading the way.

The implications for all facets of the experience economy and the retail industry to name a few are staggering. As more people get fully vaccinated, they’re going to be traveling more, doing more of their shopping in stores, staying in more hotels, having closer contact with businesses they took for granted in the normal times that are welcoming them with open arms.

There is plenty of data available in the market that shows that not getting it right could prove costly. Most shoppers say they won’t patronize a business or a brand again after having a bad experience. Missing seemingly minor things like a line that moves too slowly or the appearance of a lobby can have a major impact on whether a customer goes with you or your competition the next time.

That’s where crowd empowerment comes in. Download my piece on why crowdsourcing is becoming crowd empowerment today to learn more about:

  • Why this shift is happening now
  • Why it’s important
  • How crowd empowerment can be implemented
  • What the potential business implications are

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