Say Hello to In-Store
Mobile Insights

In-store mobile insights serve as a flexible approach to retail execution monitoring. You can set it up as a consistent tracking system just as quickly as you can use it to answer specific, time-sensitive questions.

You can deploy it in one store or launch it in locations all around the world. Think of it like a radar for your retail execution — it helps you spot incoming trouble and opportunities across an expansive area of territory at once.

The information you can get from in-store mobile insights is nearly limitless. Contributors can provide any data a human can capture with a smartphone, including:

Photos and video of store shelves building exteriors, registers, etc

Geolocation data

Sentiment data via surveys

Demographic-specific mystery shopping

Qualitative feedback via short-answer questions

Short-answer questions

Competitive intel from other stores

Environmental insights on the area surrounding a store location

Premise’s global network of over 4 million Contributors get you the store-level insights you need to make effective, data-driven decisions for long-term success.

Want to learn more about how in-store mobile insights keep your finger on the pulse of any aspect of your retail execution that matters to you?

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