COVID-19 Global Impact Study

Surveying the Premise Global Contributor Network to gauge awareness and economic impact of the Coronavirus epidemic

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, our team felt that we could help organizations have a better understanding of what people around the world were thinking, feeling and seeing in regard to the spread of the virus. We have begun deploying taskings through the Premise app to our global network of over 1.6 million users in over 90 countries.

Awareness and Understanding

A look at Premise’s global survey on COVID-19

To understand perceptions and awareness of the Coronavirus outbreak, we set a global survey where Premise currently operates receiving a a flood of submissions.

This visualization shows some of the data we collected from February 3rd, 2020 to February 26th, 2020. 

Coronavirus Global Impact Study Awareness
Premise: Coronavirus Global Impact Study Awareness

American’s are on high-alert with the COVID-19 epidemic. Based on our survey, only about 4% of U.S. respondents said that they are ‘very unconcerned’ about the spread of the Novel Coronavirus to their community. 

Read our recent blog post that looks more in-depth at Premise’s global awareness survey here.

Economic Impact

A look at how COVID-19 is impacting daily life and spending

We are currently collecting data to understand the impact COVID-19 is having on our networks purchase habits (avoiding Chinese made products and purchasing supplies), changes in plans (avoiding large events and impacted travel) and what direct effects people are noticing in their community (price gouging and supply shortages) with a specific focus on the immediate and downstream economic impacts.

This visualization reflects the data we collected from March 2nd, 2020 to March 17, 2020 (Click on the image to view the current, real-time dashboard).

Premise Coronavirus Global Economic Impact Study - Data Format Version 1, dated Mar 2-17, 2020
Premise Coronavirus Global Economic Impact Study - Data Format Version 1, dated Mar 2-17, 2020

The survey has been designed to run on a recurring weekly basis, allowing Premise to compare week-over-week longitudinal changes in the global economic effects of COVID-19. We anticipate averaging more than 50,000 accepted submissions per week.

Premise has the capability to view data in different formats to help others understand. The following image is a snapshot of the data collected from March 2nd, 2020 through March 17, 2020 (Click on the image to view the current, real-time data collected from March 2, 2020 in this format).

Premise Coronavirus Global Economic Impact Study - Data Format Version 2, dated Mar 2-17, 2020
Premise Coronavirus Global Economic Impact Study - Data Format Version 2, dated Mar 2-17, 2020

Get Ahead of the Virus

We can deliver COVID-19 global insights to you in hours, not weeks.

Our company has experience delivering information on a range of topics, including disease monitoring and control. In Colombia, Premise helped to digitize vector control for the Zika virus in Santa Marta, Cucuta and Cali. Working alongside local health authorities Premise’s crowdsourced network identified and monitored mosquito breeding sites across the three cities, as well as reported on cases of Zika. Through the data collection process, city officials were better able to deploy resources to mitigate breeding sites and develop educational campaigns.

Learn more about Premise’s Inspections solution here.

Learn more about our data on COVID-19 or how we can help your organization.

Premise In the News

News and updates from Premise’s global impact study

“During a fast-moving global health crisis like this, we are able to deploy our technology in order to measure people’s levels of understanding about prevention, better understand where they are getting their information, and gauge citizens’ level of concern,” said CEO Maury Blackman. “Being able to collect massive amounts of insightful data in such a short time shows the power of our technology and is very gratifying.”

Read the full release here.

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