Country Support Specialist Spotlight: Rafael

Country Support Specialist Spotlight: Rafael

We are continuing our global workforce spotlight series (which includes our country support specialists (CSS’s) and country managers) with Rafael.

Our global workforce plays a huge role in our ability to manage hundreds of networks and thousands of Contributors across the globe. We asked Rafael a few questions so that you can get to know him and his work with Premise. Here is what he had to say:

Where do you live?

I’m from Venezuela, but I moved to Mexico City one year ago.

What is your background?

I’m an electronic engineer and software developer. I love technology and the way it can help to solve people problems. I’m married and have a 6-year-old son.

How did you find Premise?

My wife saw a Facebook ad about it. We and some close friends downloaded the app and started to try it. I was skeptical at the beginning (as it sounded too good to be true), but then I got more involved with it and a few months later became a part of the team.

What do you do for Premise?

I receive users questions from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela, and try to help them to answer their questions and enhance their experience with the app. I test the app every day to understand user complaints. I also translate contents to Spanish, including tasks instructions, documentation and ads.

How long have you worked for Premise? 

I downloaded the app for the first time in March 2015 and joined the team as a Country Support Specialist in August 2015.

What did you do before you started working for Premise?

I’ve worked as an engineer before and during my experience with Premise. Nowadays I’m working as a software and blockchain developer.

What has been your experience with Premise?

I’ve enjoyed every moment, I’m lucky to be a part of such a great team. I’ve met people from many different countries and have learned a lot about customer support. Premise gave me a big opportunity in a very difficult moment for Venezuela and was instrumental in allowing me to emigrate and start a new life in Mexico.

What do you enjoy most about working for Premise?

I enjoy being a part of such a multicultural environment, where I have learned about life in many different places around the world, and have shared my culture with people who are not familiar with Latin America. There was a time when we had regular meetings through Hangouts with one person in San Francisco, one in Brazil, one in Venezuela (me), one in Nigeria, one in Vietnam and one in China, it was like having the whole world connected for us, I loved that.

What is your biggest challenge working as a CSS?

As a CSS you need to be ready to help people and to solve their problems, in many cases without having enough information about them. Sometimes, people complain about things we can’t change. It’s not easy to make them feel comfortable, especially if we can’t help them we need to feel what they feel and we need to let them know that.

How do you work with team members that are in other countries? 

It’s an interesting part of my job. We share a slack workspace where we have channels organized by subjects and countries. It’s nice when I want to send a message to the general channel and it shows a warning which says I’m about to send a message to 77 people located in 14 different time zones. We also use Hangouts or Skype when we need to make calls or have video conferences. 

What has been your proudest moment working for Premise?

After only a few months working here, we needed to launch a network in 10 cities in Colombia for a project that had already started. We worked very hard and we were able to launch a healthy network in all of those cities in a few weeks.

What have you learned while working at Premise?

I’ve learned to work with several customer support tools, improved my skills to remotely collaborate with a team, and many other things. But I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to understand user issues and try to solve them and to make their life easier.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I like to read and I love soccer, I’m terrible playing but I enjoy going to matches and seeing them on TV.

What is an interesting or fun fact about yourself?

I played the clarinet when I was younger, and I was a part of the National Youth Orchestra of Venezuela, where I was conducted by Gustavo Dudamel before he was so famous.

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