Cheers to Beer: What We Learned about Beer Preferences from our Global Survey

by | Nov 19, 2019

If having a beer to unwind after a rough day is your kind of happy hour, you’re not alone–in fact, beer is the world’s most beloved drink. 

Thanks to our obsession with data here at Premise–and the ability to easily survey thousands of people all over the world almost instantly–we set out to discover what beer trends and tastes look like around the world. 

Inspired by the beer culture and excitement that surrounds the Oktoberfest beer festival, we created a Premise Data survey and shared it with users in more than 30 countries. In about three weeks, we had almost 43,000 people respond to questions like “What is your favorite beer?”, “Do you like beer cold, warm or room temperature?” and “Where do you most often purchase beer…in a bar, a grocery store or from a street vendor?” 

The survey gave us brand new insights into worldwide trends in beer drinking and culture on a global scale.

What we learned surprised us… To start, about 2,000 of our respondents said they drink beer warm or at room temp. That’s quite a difference from the icy cold, frothy beers we enjoy here in our San Francisco HQ during our Friday Office Happy Hours. We also learned that convenience is actually one of the most unlikely drivers of purchasers – beer drinkers reported they make their purchases based on taste, brand and quality. 

While 41 percent of respondents said they don’t have a preference for beer type, Wheat brews took second place at 15 percent and Belgian and Dark Lager tied for third at 8 percent each. 

Forty-one percent of beer drinkers stated a glass bottle was their vessel of choice, with 7.7 percent preferring to drink draft beer from a glass.

The vast majority of respondents, more than 80 percent, enjoy their beer icy cold while almost 7 percent sip theirs at room temperature or warmer.

Lastly, we took a look at the most popular beer brands by country–and we learned that overall our respondents love their Heineken. Check out the breakdown below:

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