Community Guidelines

Premise’s mission is to be the source of ground truth worldwide. When you sign up to join Premise, you become part of a vibrant global community.

Premise’s values of integrity and respect serve as the basis of our Community Guidelines. Our Community Guidelines provide general guidance to contributors on how to utilize our platform appropriately.

Guidelines for Using Premise:

As a Premise contributor, you have the opportunity to bring about positive change in your community and to earn money while doing so. The following provides guidance on how to use Premise.

Completing Tasks with Integrity

Your submissions help partner organizations, companies, and NGOs better understand and improve local communities. Premise contributors should:

Staying Safe while Using Premise

At Premise, we take safety seriously. As a Premise contributor you should always:

Prohibited Behavior:

The following indecent, inauthentic, and fraudulent behavior is prohibited on our platform.

Account Sharing or Operating Multiple Accounts

We take account sharing seriously. As such, do not:

Location Spoofing

Providing an accurate representation of your reported location is the cornerstone of our data collection efforts. Therefore, contributors should not:

Sending Inappropriate or Malicious Information

Eradicating inappropriate or malicious information is a responsibility that we take seriously. As a Premise contributor you agree to not:

Exhibiting Indecent Behavior

Protecting the respect and integrity of our contributors and support staff is an important aspect of our operations. In line with this, contributors agree to not:

Exhibiting Inauthentic Behavior

In line with our commitment to authenticity, we do not allow contributors to misrepresent themselves through the use of software programs or applications. As a Premise contributor you agree to not:

Premise is committed to maintaining the integrity of our platform and thus reserves the right to take action against contributors whose behavior violates Premise’s Community Guidelines. Any violation of Premise’s Community Guidelines is cause for suspension.

Thank you for being part of Premise’s global network and for working with our partners to provide a valuable source of ground truth. Your contributions and participation in this global community are a crucial and invaluable part of Premise’s mission.