A Roundup of Premise’s Analysis on COVID-19 in Africa

A Roundup of Premise’s Analysis on COVID-19 in Africa

Many countries across Africa have begun to move from preparation to response as COVID-19 spreads across the country. As of the time of writing, there are almost 50,000 reported cases in over 50 countries. African countries have not been impacted as significantly during this pandemic in proportion to their population of over 1.2 billion inhabitants, but due to a number of factors, including lack of protective equipment for healthcare workers, robust testing capabilities and hospital beds, there is fear from the global community of what may come in the coming weeks and months.

With Premise’s network of users across Africa over the last few months, we have been able to collect data about what people in over 30 countries in Africa are thinking, feeling and seeing. Our team has analyzed data on a variety of topics and themes and written blog posts about them. Here is a roundup of those articles:


Ramadan – Faith, Food and the COVID Effect
By Premise Data’s Customer Success Team





COVID-19 Preparedness And Messaging In Nigeria
By Andrew Howe and Jenny Shapiro




Exploring the Impact Of COVID-19 on Recent Elections in Mali
By Emily Guthrie and Ekaterina Ksenjek





Premise Takes A Look At COVID-19 Data From The Democratic Republic Of Congo




Premise Snapshot: Africa And COVID-19
By Theodore Reuter, Saleel Huprikar and Ryan Muldoon




Burkina Faso-A Closer Look During COVID-19
By Ethan Bronstein



We will continue to update this article with new content as it is published. To learn more about the data Premise is collecting on COVID-19 visit www.premise.com/COVID.