We map reality on the ground.
Human-directed and machine-refined, Premise indexes and analyzes millions of observations captured daily by our global network of contributors, unearthing connections that impact global decisions.
Tracking the price divergence for meats and sweets in Kano and Lagos during Ramadan
Piercing the Grey Market Veil
Discerning the economic effects of drought, new policies and poor cold storage infrastructure in India.
Pioneering a set of alternative economic indicators in global markets
Helping investors bring electricity to the first mile in Sub-Saharan Africa
Found on nearly every market shelf globally, Coca-Cola is a bellwether for a country's economic health
Tracking the cost of feeding 200 million people
Determining Ebola’s impact on food prices in markets across Monrovia, Liberia
FAO determines Premise’s data in Brazil can predict food trends 25 days in advance
Documenting the concentration of political posters in 8 cities during the 2014 Brazilian elections

Global, precise, rigorous

Access wherever you need it.
Down to the grain.
Connecting the micro to macro.
Decision-makers identify questions to answer
How do you discern the percentage of electrified homes in this East African neighborhood when satellites or drones aren't up to the task?
Premise contributors are deployed to collect images and data
Network contributors are tasked to collect data from specific areas of interest
Machine learning algorithms monitor data streams in real-time, refining sampling design
Anomaly: This house appears to be unelectrified because it doesn't have an overhead drop-line but a revisit determines the house has electricity.
Indices, condition reports, maps and data feeds are published in real-time, layered with contextualization to show human impact.
More than 50 homes in this neighborhood have electricity, a combination of visible drop-lines and underground wiring discerned by layering analytics on top of the data.
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